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Questions / Imported x files, x updated.
« on: July 02, 2016, 08:51:54 PM »
I noticed sometimes when adding a new album it says at the bottom of the status bar - "imported 20 files, 5 updated" - as an example.  What are the files being updated and where can I see them?

Questions / How do you guys tag "bonus discs"
« on: June 29, 2016, 05:55:51 AM »
Out of curiosity, how do you guys tag the bonus discs that come with your albums?  For example, I have a bonus disc of demos from Candlemass' second album "Nightfall".  The original album came out in 1987, but mine is the 2007 reissue.  I prefer to have the original date of an album in my library, regardless of the issue - I usually put that in the comments.  So for now I have been doing one album as "[Disc 1]" and one as "[Disc 2]".  It is annoying though with album art viewing seeing 2-3 album covers of the same record.

Here's a short guide to tag your Macintosh's music library from a Windows computer.  Why would you want to do this you ask?  Well for one, iTunes is notorious for incorrectly tagging metadata.  In the past for me it has done things like tag certain files only iTunes, but in finder/explorer they are untagged or given strange unicode characters.  Another big problem was iTunes randomly making duplicates of files.  Tagging your files manually on iTunes is a slow and tedious process and you are also limited to only a few metadata fields.  You could use a program like mp3tag with Wine, but it's not as fast as using MusicBee.

On the Mac side you need to:
-  Enabled file sharing on Mac OS X Music folder with read/write permissions.
-  Enable read/write permissions on "iTunes Music" folder!  You must make sure you click "get info" on this folder, then click the cogwheel and go "apply to enclosed items" or all your albums be read only.  I couldn't edit tags until I realized every single album folder and it's content were read only.
-  Enabled SMB on Mac OS X
-  Disable "keep iTunes media folder organized" in iTunes.
-  Disable sleep in power settings.  If your Mac goes into sleep mode, it will disable all network activity and you won't be able to tag files.

On the Windows side you need to:
-  Open MusicBee and go to the menu and choose file > library > create new library.  Alternatively you can right click on "music" > choose library > create library.
-  If you can't see your Mac press "Add network share" and navigate to "your mac's name here\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music"
-  Library name can be whatever you want - example "Music on my Mac".
-  choose folders > scan music files from the following folder should be "your mac's name here\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music"
-  check "scan the folders for new files on each startup"
-  press Add Library

That's it your done!  It took about 8 minutes to scan 2060 MP3/AAC files over wifi.  If your on Ethernet it should be much quicker to rescan your library and update tags.

Questions / Tagging library over network
« on: June 05, 2016, 02:05:31 AM »
My friend has a very disorganized music collection and tomorrow I plan to fix that for him. The problem is that he is running OS X and there is no version of MusicBee for the Mac.  I figure I could bring over my laptop and share his iTunes folder over the network, then add the path to my MusicBee library on the laptop and start tagging.  Is there any reason why this would not work?  If no one responds today I'll update you with my results tomorrow.

Questions / Incorrect song length
« on: March 04, 2015, 09:38:24 PM »
I have an album that has two songs with incorrect lengths.

The first song shows 15:33 when it's only 2:09. 

The other song shows 8:35 when it is actually 1:13.

These are MP3 files.

The song length is also incorrect when viewing in Foobar.

Questions / MusicBee shows more songs than Foobar
« on: February 09, 2015, 11:20:42 PM »
Thought I would make a separate topic for this just in case someone has a similar question in the future.

Foobar shows 11492 total songs where as MusicBee shows 11502.

I'm not sure how MusicBee could have more.  I organized all my music and properly categorized them in genres when I moved from iTunes to Foobar.

Both are pointing to C:\Music and Public Music (though there is nothing in here).

Questions / New to MusicBee. Have some questions.
« on: February 07, 2015, 06:23:30 AM »
First off I want to say thanks for the great player.  I am coming from Foobar and my reasons for choosing MusicBee over it is...

-  More stuff 'built-in' rather than having to use plugins
-  Clean UI, though I am still tweaking it to make it like my Foobar layout.
-  Doesn't use a lot of resources like Foobar.
-  Library Statistics

First thing I am trying to figure out is the playcount.  I was originally on iTunes, and the playcount would only update after the song ended.  With Foobar I had to get a plugin and the count would only update after 50% or x seconds.

I see MusicBee has a way to edit this in the preferences but I cannot get it to work.  I tried erasing the skip count and then setting the playcount values to more than 1% or 1 second.  It only seemed to update after 5-8 seconds of playing.

My second question is album art.  iTunes did a very bad job of adding art and tagging in general.  Once I moved over to Foobar I was missing tons of art or some albums had the low quality versions I replaced.  Foobar did a good job when I manually went - tagging > attach pictures > front cover and then chose my file.

Will MusicBee embed the art into the file or does the art only show when in the program?  I constantly move new music to my iPod and phone so I don't want to have to copy the art with it.

I am very picky when it comes to the cover art and get all my own scans at 600x600 or higher.  MusicBee has an option to grab art from the internet, but where does it get it and what are the dimensions?

My final question is about tagging.  A few of my albums in MusicBee have incorrect tagging.  Specifically one album has 3 out of the 4 tracks with some weird Chinese symbols.  When I view this album in Foobar, the track titles show normally.  When I open in Windows explorer, those 3 tracks are missing the title but the file name itself is correct.  Why does Foobar show them correctly but MusicBee does not?  Do they tag files differently?


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