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Questions / Verification failed after attempting to save the file
« on: October 31, 2019, 07:03:11 PM »
I have a .WebM file with Opus audio that I demux with Xmedia Recode to .ogg for better tagging and device support.

It plays fine in MusicBee, but when I try to edit the tags I get this error. The file is not read only.

* Well I ended up just demuxing to Opus. Now MusicBee doesn't have a problem. Though if I rate the track and then rescan it, the rating disappears. Not sure if that's to do with Opus tag support or MusicBee.

I don't see a way to do this? In the "Music" view, you can change all of this, but in Music Explorer you cannot. What is the reason for this? I really like this feature when I sort by genre. Without it, I have to click on each artist, then each album. I'd rather see all the album covers at once.

I actually don't understand the point even having the "Music" tab. Music Explorer shows Top Tracks which can be toggled on or off. It also shows genres, years, similar artists, etc all in the main panel.

Maybe it can but I am doing it wrong? What I want is to press Auto DJ and have shuffle 5 tracks from say The Beatles, then the next 5 will be from Coltrane, then Swans, etc. Right now if I press Auto DJ with my current settings, it will play 5 from one artist, then the next artist will just keep playing indefinitely after 5 in a row.

initial size list = 5
maintain 5 upcoming tracks
/same artist preferred each track
gap before the same artist can repeat = 5

Just found another bug. Renaming a folder through computer a node will cause a single FLAC album to lose all it's playcounts and ratings. just confirmed this with two albums.

Been trying to figure this out on my own still not sure but I found another bug. The 'title' of the single flac changes to the first track, not always, but sometimes, and that's when it breaks the album turning it into a single track.

I found another bug related to single flac + cue. When embedding art into the file it breaks the thumbnail in windows explorer. Maybe this is related to the files turning into 1 track, maybe not. the art for all my single flac albums has this rainbow look...

I was able to fix the bug I showed above by right clicking on the album > search > locate in computer node. Once I clicked on/off the album in the computer explorer view it brought the tracklist back. However upon returning to my album in Music Explorer it had reset all playcounts and ratings  :(  :(  :(

I am now having the rating bug that happened to me back in September last year. It only affects single FLAC files. I click to rate a track, but it rates another track from the album instead, usually the 2nd track. When close MusicBee or rescan the album, it breaks it.

Also just to add. When this rating bug happens, the single track no longer has a cuesheet. No way to update it or anything

I did as you suggested but it didn't make a difference. I edited a song while a single FLAC was playing and also when one was not. I noticed even when changing tabs or playing a song from a different artist, the play count will go back to 1. Here is a picture of what I mean. In the bottom half of the picture, the play count was reset to 1 and all I did was change tabs or play a different song by another artist.

I updated to the latest version and the problem persists. I will play a song in full and the playcount is increased from 0 to 1 on the "top tracks" window. If I check the history window, it will show 1. If I play the song again, it will correctly update to 2 in top tracks and 2 in history. However once I close MusicBee, it goes back to showing 1 on both tabs. I also checked the "recently played" playlist and added playcount display field and it shows 1.

I verified my Single FLAC albums that I was testing and made sure there were no errors in the cuesheet. I also removed the artwork just incase there were any bugs.

I found some Single FLAC I have never touched and those lost their playcounts when I moved the folders through file explorer in MusicBee.
there is a bug when dragging "single flac/cuesheet" files to a new folder using the computer file explorer where the flac file can be deleted to the recycle bin. I doubt that is the issue you are having though as play counts/ ratings are still preserved
This fixes the file delete bug

i did try with your settings and cannot reproduce the reported issue
No I did not encounter that bug thankfully. The file explorer built into MusicBee is very nifty feature. I use the file organizer a lot, but for Single FLAC files it's hard to rename them without messing up the cuesheet. So for that I use file explorer.

Do you think in a future version you could add a way to manually edit the play counts of a Single FLAC?

I am saying I use FLAC + cuesheet and have no issues with playcounts of individual tracks being recorded or retained, so I am not able to replicate what you say. So I suggest you use foobar which you say is working for you.
Having said that i do agree the top tracks playcount in the music explorer doesnt immediately display the updated playcount so i will fix that.
If you send me your settings file (help/support/view settings) i will have a quick look if its anything with your settings
Hi Steven, I pm'd you my settings file.

I remember in the past, on an older version of MusicBee, I edited some of Single FLAC file tags in the tag explorer, not through the edit cuesheet button. I thought that might be the problem, but then I found some Single FLAC I have never touched and those lost their playcounts when I moved the folders through file explorer in MusicBee.

i use single FLAC + cuesheet myself without issue so its probably best you just use foobar. thanks
Single FLAC + cuesheet displays and plays just fine. It's the recording of the play counts that is not working for me. I wasn't trying to offend you Steven, just trying to explain my issue in detail.

I don't know how foobar2000 records play counts for a Single FLAC + cuesheet compared to MusicBee. Maybe it stores them in some library database file, that when played, edited, or rated only effects the database.

I am really struggling with Single FLAC files in MusicBee... When I play a song and it finishes, the song is given the correct +1 play in "Top Tracks" in Music Explorer view. When I restart MusicBee however and check the artist's tab again it shows either 1 of 2 things. It will show +1 to every track on the album, even though I only played one song. Or it will say 0 for the track that was played. If it says 0, this seems to be a visual bug and restarting MusicBee, clicking to another album artist tab, then back to the one with play seems to correct this.

To add to this issue, I organized my Single FLAC albums into folders using the computer file explorer feature built into MusicBee. I did not use the File Organizer because last time I used it with a Single FLAC it wiped my play counts. All I did this time was make an artist folder and dragged all the albums inside it. No renaming of anything. Sadly, I once again lost all my play counts for every Single FLAC album.  :( I also lost my track ratings.

foobar2000 does not seem to have any problems recording play counts for a Single FLAC + cuesheet. You can actually manually add play counts to the individual tracks split by the cuesheet. Unfortunately you can't do this in MusicBee with a Single FLAC or I could fix my play counts, though the played date would be n/a now.

I got it working by trial and error using the remap music folders function. I don't remember exactly what the paths were, you can't seem to check after doing it and I was frustrated. I think this was how I did it...

map music file from: C:\Users\BRAINS\Desktop\MusicBee to: D:\From Music\

I have even a bigger problem now. A few of my albums got corrupted and are unplayable since changing hard drives. I don't see how this is possible since the new and old disks are fine. Even ran chkdsk on them. The albums are 0 bytes in size and don't open with anything.  :(

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