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It looks like Steven just posted that (my interpretation) Scrobble and might not talk nicely to each other all the time so that might not be an option either.

Thanks again for the help :)

quote from psychoadept's link...
2 way synching to work the device needs to support querying of rating and playcounts from the device database:
- for some ipods, MB is able to extract the rating and for those devices can synch the rating back
- for MTP devices, the MTP database does have a field for rating and for play count. However in practice i have yet to see it being used by the android players. So until that happens 2-way synch wont do anything
- and although MB is able to scrobble the difference in play count, in practice that wont do anything either

@ psychoadept:  Thanks.  Sounds like the problem is with android phones?

Don't know much about scrobble.  Are you suggesting RocketPlayer/Scrobble --> --> <-- MB[scrobble plug-in?] is an option to keep the playcount up-to-date?

I'd like to synch my playlists with my Android phone (Galaxy S4 with CM13/Marshmallow ROM) but also for the playcount on the phone to feed back to the larger MB database (v2.5) on my Windows 7 desktop.

Synching works fine with RocketPlayer, PlayerPro and CM's 'Music' app.   I've tried each one on their own so, hopefully, avoiding synching to a non-default/'wrong' music player.

Reading through the forums here led me to RocketPlayer in particular.  It occurred to me that *I'm* doing something wrong :P  and I could spend a long time just going around in circles looking for a solution. 

So I'm looking to see if anyone else has successfully gotten playcount/'2 way synch' working and, in particular, what app they used on their phone.  Once I know a certain combo works, I can focus on that combination...

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Yes, I do have '2 way synch' ticked in the settings :)

Questions / Re: Your top 3 requests
« on: December 24, 2014, 08:31:03 PM »
1. "Rescan/Add Files and Playlists"
When adding new music, you have to manually scroll through lots of folders to get to the specific folder you're looking for.  In Win7 file explorer, you can press 'M' to get to the 'M' folders etc.  It would be great to see that in MusicBee.

2.  Ratings sync with (Android) phone:
I'm playing catch-up with my music (30k+) and trying to organise then and give them some sort of rating etc.  At the moment, I'm stuck doing this at my desktop computer.  I've love if it were possible to 'send' some music files to my phone so that I could rate them, and then resync them when I got back to my main desktop computer.

At the moment, I'm sending music files from the library to the inbox, rating them, and sending them back.  Maybe have another 'inbox2' but the 'inbox2' would live on the phone?

3.  I'm an iTunes refugee.
3(a).  In iTunes, I set up playlists like Rock 5*, 4*, 3* etc.  MB won't let me use the asterix (*) as the last 'letter'/character when naming playlists.
3(b). I'm guessing lots of people use the 5/4/3/2/1* rating system for their playlists.  Maybe set-up an option that you can choose your criteria and then MB would automatically make a 5/4/3/2/1* playlist?


Wishing you a Happy Christmas :)

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