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I'm trying to find out which of my files do not have any MusicBrainz tags associated with them.

I've tried searching for the answer but the more I read, the more confused I get :)  I think I have to set up a virtual tag to look for, say, Musicbrainz_TrackID, then use ASR to copy that to a custom tag and finally filter/playlist for that?  I'm very confused about it and would appreciate any help.  Or maybe there's an easier way!

My normal workflow is EAC --> Musicbrainz Picard --> Musicbee.  And I'm on v. 3.3.7115


I thought I would add this as a postscript in case else has the same problem.

I've been using the LastFM plugin to scrobble my music for the past few years.  So when I re-added my music files to MusicBee, MB/LastFm synched the playcounts so, at least, I got that metadata back.

Thanks, I thought as much.  I guess I'll just have to listen to them again (which is half the reason I went looking for them in the first place)!

And, yes, I do delete my Recycle bin every few months so they were not there either.

Have a nice weekend!

I'm beginning to doubt my sanity :) Is it possible to find out what I've deleted from MusicBee in the past year or two or longer.  I seem to have 'mislaid some of my albums :)

I'm using the lockdown time to tidy up my music in Musicbee (upgrade from mp3 to FLAC).  I looked for my Norah Jones albums and they weren't there.  I couldn't find them in Musicbee or in Microsoft's file explorer either.  Now it's entirely possible I never added them or perhaps I deleted them accidently?

Also, when I searched my entire C: drive, it found this file 'Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones.similar.dat' in 'C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\MusicBee\InternalCache\ArtistData' which would suggest there were 'some' Norah Jones' music files in MusicBee at some point?

It's not the end of the world because I have to rip the CD's anyways but it would be nice to recover the ratings & playcount, if possible.

Thanks in advance.

* Edit: I forgot to mention I also rescanned my external hard drive for all music files and nada...

Skins / Re: Elemental
« on: October 14, 2019, 07:55:50 PM »
Thanks for this skin.  The album covers/photos really 'pop' (albums and tracks view).  
I've just 'wasted' an half hour scrolling up and down through the album photos reconnecting album covers with old memories  :)

Questions / Re: Export & Donation
« on: August 01, 2016, 07:50:07 PM »
You can make a donation if you don't have Paypal. 

On the donation page, there is an option to use a debit/credit card at the bottom of the page.  If you choose that option, just be careful because Paypal keeps trying to 'trick' you into opening a Paypal account ('save your details').  Keep your eyes open and be careful what buttons you press.  I made my donation this way and I didn't use Paypal.

Questions / Re: Any basic info about the use and importance of tags?
« on: July 02, 2016, 07:32:12 PM »
I can't help you exactly since I'm still learning MB :)

This link might help you with some basic info:

Questions / Re: I need help sorting by album artist!
« on: May 17, 2016, 08:11:08 PM »
It depends on how you've got things set up but for me...

In the main panel, try right-clicking the horizontal bar at the top that contains 'album artist', 'artist', 'title' etc...
Then it's 'sort by' --> 'Album artist/Year/Album'

Questions / Re: Synch Question
« on: May 07, 2016, 08:25:26 PM »
I'm on v2.5.5804 & Win7.  Don't know about dragging & synching but the rest... I've noticed this myself if I'm reading the posts correctly.

If you go MusicBee (top left corner) - Edit - Preferences - Devices... you can only synch to 'internal storage' and it cannot be edited.

If you get to your phone via the left pane (computer - phone) and synch your phone via that option, you can choose where your music is synched.

Apologies in advance if this is an Android problem but I'm tearing my hair out trying to fix this.

In MusicBee 2.5, when synching files to an external Android device, the only option is 'phone_name/internal storage'.  I believe MB gets this location from Windows7 on my computer.  However, the new Marshmallow OS with adoptable storage has a new location called, I believe, 'phone_name/storage/emulated/0'.  I'm not sure Win7 recognises this new location.  This causes conflicts when exporting music.

More info:
Android's latest OS, Marshmallow, offers a feature called 'adoptable storage' where the internal memory and the external/ SD card are combined into one block of memory.  The SD card is converted to a file format (.ext4?) and encrypted.  Android automatically moves apps and data around the 2 storage areas.  However, Windows does not recogise this ext4 file format.  So when I plug in my phone to the computer using MTP, the computer (and Musicbee?) just recognises the 'internal storage' and not the combined memory block.

Using 2 file managers on my android phone, I think this memory block is called 'storage/emulated/0'.

My Galaxy S4 phone has 8Gb internal memory and a 32Gb SD card.

Windows7/MusicBee only seems to recognise the 8Gb internal memory.  The only export option I get with MusicBee at 'media storage/storage path' is 'phone_name/internal storage'.  So when I try to synch 10+Gb of music, I run out of memory because MB is filling up the internal storage first.

I guessing/hoping if I could change the synch location to 'phone_name/storage/emulated/0/folder', MB might send the music files to the SD card or Marshmallow's bigger adoptable storage?

Thanks in advance.

Edited to change 'export' to 'synch'

The 2 way playcount synch on 'flac/ape + cue' albums doesn't seem to survive the "MB --> Rocket Player --> --> MB" journey...

I have a very small collection of opera music.  They are all either flac+cue or ape+cue albums.  There are no individual MP3 files.

In Windows explorer, it's displayed as:
whole_album1.flac (no individual tracks)
whole_album2.ape (no individual tracks)

Musicbee can decipher the album and list individual tracks.  Playing the individual files within an album is scrobbled to and playcount does increase in both locations.

However, converting the 'whole_album1.flac' to mp3's and transferring to Rocketplayer does NOT transfer individual mp3 files, just the complete 'whole_album1.flac'.  And after playing the 'whole_album1.flac' on Rocketplayer, no data is scrobbled to, either as individual mp3 tracks or as whole album playcount.  Obviously then, nothing is transferred back to MB...

I'm not 'technical' so hopefully the above makes sense :)

2 way synch seems to work with transferred .flac files converted to .mp3 on the android phone.  All settings as before.

1. I installed the lame converter as the Help file suggested (all default).

2. I picked a random selection of .flac files and put them in a playlist (.m3u).  In the conversion process, the only non-default selection I choose was the second option ("only convert files with a lossless format") in the "on-the-fly conversion" section.  I only picked this option I didn't fully understand the other options :P.

3. Files were transferred to the phone, played a few times and synched back to MB.  All seemed to go ok.  YMMV.

As mentioned already, musicbee is the work of one guy.

To get started, all you have to do is click Musicbee/File/* and you've got a basic music player with default settings.  One or two clicks and it will play your music.

If *you* want to to customise the view etc, that's up to you.  Steven can't read your mind but he has given you the tools.  *You* will have to do some work/reading/learning or try some skins that volunteers have made.

Re the language options, I'd imagine volunteers write those & not the computer programmer who wrote the software.

tl;dr: The key seems to be exporting playlists as .m3u

After a few days (non-rigourous) testing, I've found that 2 way synch does appear to work with Musicbee, Rocketplayer & scrobbling to/with  I'm not sure how accurate it is but, imho, it's ok for an approximate 2 way synch playcount between Musicbee and your phone.  YMMV :)

Desktop computer: Windows 7, Musicbee 2.5.5804
(Musicbee): Edit/Prefs/Devices --> 2 way synch enabled, and export playlists as .m3u.  All else as default settings.
(Musicbee): Edit/Prefs/Plugins --> All default (or enable 'synch playcount' if not default :P )
Phone: Galaxy S4 (i9505), CM13 custom ROM
Phone: Rocket Player & Simple app.  All default settings.
Internet: Had to set up account with (all default settings)

1. After connecting the phone to the computer as an MTP device, I'd sync a playlist (.m3u) from Musicbee to the phone. 
2. On the phone, I'd open Rocketplayer and open the playlist of interest.  I'd play the first 3 or 4 songs repeatedly for approx 30mins so each got 3 or 4 plays.
3. After reconnecting the phone to the computer (MTP), I'd open Musicbee and it would auto-sync.  The playcount on Musicbee would increase for the songs I'd played.  I can't say that 3plays on the phone would count as *exactly* 3plays on Musicbee but it seemed close enough, most of the time.

1. Please note Steven's comments on 2 way synch.  All problems seem to be on Android side of the equation.
2. Haven't tried converting/exporting FLAC files, just .MP3's
3. On Rocketplayer, I only played songs from within 'playlists'.  Didn't try playing from 'artist' or 'song' lists.
4. Tried synching 4 playlists at various times.  3 playlists synched fine.  The 4th playlist only synched the first song.  Not sure why.

If I missed anything, please ask & I'll do my best to clarify.

Thanks again to psychoadept, Steven & Musicbee

Thanks for all your help.  I'll report back in a week or two how I got on.

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