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Questions / Re: Tags(2) Language 'zxx' and Lyrics 'no lyrics'
« on: February 09, 2021, 09:56:49 AM »
Thanks.  Plenty of food for thought for me.

'Language' might be a bit of a dead-end for me.  I have a small collection of African music, mostly from Mali as it turns out.    However, each musician seems to sing in their own local dialect/language rather than a 'Malian' language.  As another example, Angelique Kidjo from Benin 'is fluent in five languages: Fon, French, Yorùbá, Gen (Mina), and English.[6] She sings in all of them, and she also has her own personal language, which includes words that serve as song titles such as "Batonga". "Malaika" is a song sung in the Swahili language. Kidjo often uses Benin's traditional Zilin vocal technique and vocalese.'  :)

Questions / Tags(2) Language 'zxx' and Lyrics 'no lyrics'
« on: February 08, 2021, 11:02:38 AM »
I'm tidying up my music files and looking at the "language" option under Tags (2).  AFAIK, zxx is the code for songs with no lyrics or 'No linguistic content, Not applicable' to use the ISO-639 jargon.  However, under the lyrics tab, there is also an option 'mark as having no lyrics'.

Changing one does not affect the other so I guess they are not related.  Or are they?

I guess my question is twofold:
1. Am I comparing apples and oranges - the 'language' and 'no lyrics' boxes serve two separate functions?  Maybe I am misunderstanding what the language box is for?
2. How do you mark music as having no lyrics (the language tab or the no lyrics tickbox)?  Which is the best option?

Thanks in advance.

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Docking miniplayer to the taskbar
« on: December 13, 2020, 02:14:01 PM »
Have you tried right-clicking the mini-player and selecting "Windows Options" and then choose dock at the bottom?  They're other options in 'panel layout'.  Might be a good half-way house?

FWIW, Wikipedia says "ID3 is a de facto standard for metadata in MP3 files; no standardization body was involved in its creation nor has such an organization given it a formal approval status.[1] It competes with the APE tag in this arena."

Re POPM, ID3 says "Popularimeter: The purpose of this frame is to specify how good an audio file is." (i.e., rating)

MP3Tag uses POPM as the main tag in additon to non-ID3 tags like 'Rating WMP' and 'Rating MM' for Windows Media Player and Media Monkey respectively.

I would suggest MusicBee is doing the right thing using POPM when you check the 'save Mp3 tags as ID3v2.3'.

If you really want to keep Rating WPM, you could possibly use MusicBee's 'advanced search and replace' option and custom tags but that is way beyond my skill levels!

Beyond MusicBee / Re: Sync FROM LastFM to Android
« on: June 16, 2020, 07:37:03 PM »
I don't have a direct answer for you but I can maybe point out a potential approach.

There are websites that can download your history to a CSV file on your computer.  A Kodi user called docwra wrote an experimental procedure to transfer that data over to Kodi's music database.  This is the link for a better explanation that I can give --> .  I've used it myself and it works (mostly).  Then you can use a scrobbler to keep your playcount current from then onwards.

Remember that link is for an experimental approach and it's for Kodi.  But maybe there is a similar approach for whatever Android music player you settle on?

Questions / Re: Rename one library and delete a second?
« on: June 12, 2020, 06:36:46 PM »
Thank you.  Everything worked a treat :)

Questions / Rename one library and delete a second?
« on: June 12, 2020, 03:29:10 PM »
I have two libraries.  I would like to rename one library and delete a second one.

In this 2015 thread, Jorge24 suggested:

1. Rename the library folder (by default named "MusicBee" and located at C:\<username>\Music\MusicBee) to what you want the library to be called.
2. Run MusicBee. It'll say that your library can't be found and you need to relocate it.
3. Select your library file in the renamed folder to relocate it.

Is this advice still current today and for v3.3.7367?  Will this method keep my metadata like ratings, playlists etc.

Secondly, I have another library that I would like to delete/remove from MusicBee.  Is it as simple as deleting the 'Library2' folder from C:\...username\Music\Library2 that contains the .mbl etc files.  I'm asking about the library and not the actual music files.

Thanks in advance.

Ha!  That did it.  I don't think I've ever looked at that 'grouping' option.  I set it to 'Group By' 'Album Artist' and that did the trick.


Questions / Sorting problem: some albums mixed together in one genre
« on: June 09, 2020, 10:17:14 AM »
I'm having a problem sorting my albums in one genre (Unplugged).  I get 2 or 3 albums clumped together while others in the same genre are listed ok.

It happens when viewing in 'Album and Tracks' and 'Album Covers'.  Sorting is by 'Album Artist/Year/Album'.  The albums have been processed by MusicBrainz Picard.

I picked 2 albums as an example:
1. Alainis Morissette, MTV Unplugged (1999)
2. Alice in Chains, MTV Unplugged (1996)

If I select a few files and look at 'Files with Inconsistent Sort Tags', it gives these error messsages:
Example A:
Inconsistent Sort Tags Sort Artist
file = Morissette, Alanis database = <null> Sort Composer
file= Ballard, Glen; Morissette, Alanis database = <null>

Example B:
Inconsistent Sort Tags Sort Artist
file = Alice in Chains database = <null> Sort Composer
file = Cantrell, Jerry database = <null>

Hopefully, that all makes sense to somebody!

I'd be grateful if anyone had suggestions or ideas on how to fix this.


I got it done!  And I'm glad I did because approx 10% of my music didn't have MusicBrainz tags.  I expected a few but not so many.

Hiccup's Bible of Tags was a great help in sorting out the right tag descriptions for the different file types.

Rescanning takes a long time if you've a big library so test it on a small selection of files first.

Thanks again for all your help in the matter.

Thanks for the replies - I'm grateful for any at all.  I'm fundamentally misunderstanding something!  I have read the wiki pages for custom and virtual tags.  But I'm thick :)

I got MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID from the tag inspector.

1. I have no files selected but I went file - edit preferences - tags (1) - custom tags and typed 'MBtrackID' into custom 2 (custom 1 is already used by an ASR preset).
2. Then 'Define New Tags', typed 'MusicBrainz_TrackID' into the identifier box at the top and tabbed across.  All boxes in the row have the same text. Save
3. File - edit- prefs - tags(1) - custom tags - define new tags -Virtual Tags (Bottom half of the page)
Label = MusicBrainz_TrackID
Formula = MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID   (no <>, (), If statements)
Preview says OK But Result = MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID repeatedly
4. Back to tags (1) - custom tags: display name "MusicBrainz"  <--> save to music file as tag "MusicBrainz_TrackID"
5. Picked an album with known Musicbrainz metadata, did a rescan but there was no value in custom tag 2.

I'd appreciate any help.  I didn't expect so many replies so quickly and I've run out of time this evening.  But thank you all for your help so far!  I'll have another crack at it tomorrow.

Have a nice evening!

I reckon I'd get away with using just one - almost every song (or album) has a musicbrainz title, for example.  I'm sure there are some albums that are not in MusicBrainz but I'd like to be as thorough as possible.  It's the formula I can't work out.


That's mostly what I do. I made a virtual tag for "MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID" (all the associated tracks seem to show a value with that tag too). From there I can just make an autoplaylist with the filter MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID has a value. I'm only interested in find out if the files have been through Picard or not.

Thanks!  Can you share your formula for that virtual tag?

I want to do the opposite - find out which files do not have musicbrainz tags.  I'm tidying up my files and this is the last thing on the list...

Thanks for the quick reply.  Here's the screenshot.

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