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I've had a couple of issues with MusicBee recently that I was hoping you guys could help me fix.

The first issue that I'm having is that MusicBee is failing to correctly figure out that a set of tracks are in the same album if the years the tracks were released differs. I like to keep the original release year because I think that makes a lot more sense than to put when the CD (like a compilation) was released. I have it set to define an album by a set of tracks that share both the Album Name and Album Artist fields. Some albums handle this fine, but others end up being split by year. For all of these albums I've ensure that both the Album Name and Album Artist fields match (including using "Various Artists" for mixed-artist compilations. Like I said, some work fine (such as Queen: Greatest Hits I & II) and others end up being split (such as The Beatles' 1962-1966 compilation album). Additionally I've been having the issue that some albums (that are correctly grouped) play out of order unless I select all of the individual tracks. Normally I use the "Artwork" view, but sometimes I'll use the "Album and Tracks" view. The issues exist in both.

Secondly, my media keys do not function unless the MusicBee application (specifically the player) are the active window. This means that they won't work if MusicBee's preferences are the active window (or any other application). I'm almost certain these used to work, say, a month or so ago. This issue came up before the latest update. For my keyboard, I've got a Logitech k740 and I'm using the SetPoint software to manage my keyboard settings. Media keys are enabled in SetPoint as well as in the "Hotkeys" section of MusicBee's preferences (and set to global). Once again, my media keys do function when the MusicBee player is the active window, but do not when any other window is.

tldr: Albums aren't being grouped correctly/played in the right order and media keys do not function if MusicBee is not the active window.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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