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First i want to say that MB is the fucking best player i have ever used (and i tried many ;) ), and i have big respect for your delevelopent skills!

heres my wish/problem:

I love to see artwork + song information but I have many single tracks in my library . Therefore I have in the "album and tracks" view a really bad overview over my library  when i see 3 albums with only one song in every album. I would really like to see the the artwork only for albums wich contain for example 3 songs. It would be great if i could determine the minimum number of tracks until artwork is shown in the MB library (like in itunes 10).

For getting as much artwork as possible combined with much overview/information it would be also great if i would be able to make the artwork in the "album and tracks" view even smaller than its minimum size and even the space between 2 artists smaller (the red marked area: )

A lot of wishes :) Thank you

Sorry for my english

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