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okay, I will try again. Cant imagine why its not working for me. I tried several times last time, the way you decribed it in post 2.

Thank you for the help until now... Will get back...

This what I am experiencing...

Maybe Steven can clarify if this is intended behaviour?

Also I am thinking about the reasons why this could be the intended behaviour :) ?

Hi Steven,

thank you for your explanation. So I understand, it is intended behaviour that the xml export is sorted by the time, the files were added to the playlist and not the order?

Is there any work around you could think of, so that I don't have to do the order by hand in all other programs which use the iTunes XML?

Or would this be a wishlist request?

Maybe an option in the setting would be great, that order in playlists get updated automatically + also implemented when exporting to xml.

All the best

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunatly that doesnt work for me.... Does it work for you when you export to xml and import to itunes / or other programs?

All the best

I use musicbee since a long time. I also use it for organizing my DJ playlists. All the DJ Programs work with Itunes, so the option to have a itunes xml export is neat. Unfortunatly, the track order inside of the playlists is not working. This is annoying, because i have to do the sorting by hand again...
I hope its possible to fix :):)

Gr Nixander

In order to access the settings of the static library playlists, i needed to change the the library playlists to be MBP Format (I had configured the library playlists as M3U in the MB Settings under "library"). Then, in the static playlists settings, i can choose: export automatically.
Is it more clear now?

I found the problem - when you set the library playlists to M3U, you cant access settings....
Thank you very much, happy to have found this option   (:

Hi Phred,

thanks for your support! I am still not sure what I am missing. I am pretty sure I am right clicking on a playlist... Here is a screenshot. It looks pretty similar too what you are doint, just this option is missing.

I hope I am not missing something obvious here...

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Add a search field to the settings
« on: February 03, 2023, 08:28:32 PM »


If there would be an option to automatically export static playlists, my problem would be solved ... But somehow I don't have the option of playlist settings when I right click on static playlists.
(By static you mean "playlist", like non-auto playlist right?)

When I right click I have the following options
Play now
Play shuffled
Queue next
Queue Last
Lock playlist
Edit playlist
List (some options)
Export playlist
Send to (various options
New (various options)
Open in new Tab

Am I missing something? Would be great if you / anyone could explain where to find the option. Thank you in advance.

I am have a normal musicbee installation and I am on version 3.5.8296

Gr. Nick


right now I am streaming music via Music via my Synlology NAS to my phone when I am on the go!
I can also use the musicbee plalists which is great BUT it only works with "external playlists" because the filepath needs to be relative.
This means, I have to export every playlist manually everytime i make a change to the playlist. There is the option for exporting external playlists automatically, but that only works for smart playlists.  I use more than 50 playlists and update then regularly, which is a pain to export manually evertime.
I wish one of following features, so that playists are synchronized automatically

- an option, to make the filepath of the standard playlists a relative filepath (this option would be much better, as one could edit playlists on the go on the smartphone via two-way synchronization).
- or have an option, to automatically export all playlists when changes are made (also for non-smart playlists)

This way, together with the synology NAS - and I guess with many other music streaming servers, it would be possible to easily access current playlists on the go.

Thank you so much!

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a possibility to delete tracks in my mb library when I listen to my library via my smartphone.

I want to listen to tracks in my inbox (while I am commuting: with my smartphone) and decide, which one I want to keep and which one I want to delete.

I have a media server at home. Maybe a possibility with two way sync is possible to... For example moving tracks which should be delete to a specific playlist?

Maybe anyone has good ideas :)

Thank you very much!

hey hiccup, thank you for your answer. I know that its not easy... just searching for anything that could enhance the workflow.
Sorry "discord" means discogs. Changed it.

Yes, I looked into the option of using Tag Hierarchy (which doesnt tag files as far as I understand and which doenst write into genre/category tags I think). And I prefer my tags to be stored in the file.
Also, I tried using discogs which works on albums, but not so well on individual songs.
I dont need help figuring out which genres should relate to wich category etc.

I am just wondering what would be the best workflow and how others are doing it.  I would LOVE the tag hierarchy feature with the option to write the corresponding tags. So I would just enter "dub techno" into subgenres custom tag and it would write "techno" to genres tag and electronic music genre category....

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