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Portable Devices / Musicbee syncs songs already on Clip+
« on: March 21, 2011, 11:48:39 AM »
I have a playlist which I sync with my clip+ memory card (using the path Sansa Clip+ 4GB\External uSD Card\Music\) but whenever I reconnect the device with only a few changes to the playlist, after it detects which albums I've removed, it continues to copy every song on the playlist to the clip again, including those that are already on the card.

The settings I have  are 'detect mtp',  'automatically sync', 'do not copy artwork' and 'delete tracks that are not on the auto-sync list'.


The first is a small request, but I really don't like the rating up/down options that appear in the windows 7 peek view. I use the controls quite a lot, and with more buttons they become a little fiddly. I never use ratings in any of my music, so the buttons are redundant to me. I much prefer the wmp controls which are just three larger buttons (back, stop/play, forward). It would be fantastic to have some option to customise these buttons too, as I would like to maybe have something like a random or 'next album' button.

Another thing I wanted to ask, and this might be more of a bug than a lacking feature, is about the tabs. I have musicbee open on three tabs, library, inbox, and the playlist which I use to sync to my mp3 player. When I send things to the playlist, then click on the playlist tab, they are never there. It usually takes a restart to update the playlist tab. I kind of expected the playlist tab to update, so I could flick over and see what albums I have/will have on my mp3 player. It would also be hugely helpful if I could just drag albums from my library to this playlist tab and have them added.

Anyway, fantastic player! I'm so happy I found this, because I've spent the past year using foobar, mediamonkey and wmp simultaneously due to various shortcomings, but so far this seems like it does all the things I use those other programs for at once. I'll be shooting over a donation as soon as I can. Cheers!

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