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Beyond MusicBee / Re: First album you ever bought?
« on: May 08, 2015, 03:34:50 PM »
My absolute first LP (Vinyl) was 1965 Catarina Valente "Wenn es Nacht wird in den Städten".
After this it goes over Dixieland Records up to Chet Baker and Sadao Watanabe to Bob James. Today I like Kurt Elling, Wolfgang Haffner and Ida Sand

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: close-option / reset treeview
« on: April 11, 2015, 06:45:30 PM »

MusicBee Wishlist / close-option / reset treeview
« on: April 11, 2015, 05:05:23 PM »
Hi Steven,
 it would be nice to have an option to close all descendant children on treeview at once.
Perhaps a rightclick at treenode  is a good manner.

At the moment i have to close all nodes by hand or think I'm wrong?

Thanks Video99

Tips and Tricks / Re: Rockbox works fine on Ipod Classic 120GB (Gen.6)
« on: November 21, 2013, 07:54:17 AM »
Long time I try to sync my Ipod (120GB) with native MB. But that doesn't work.
Now, after change Firmware from Apple to Rockbox,  I organize my MP3/Flac with MB
and synchronize the songs and Podcasts directly with MB.

System PC = Win8.1 / Musicbee
System IPod = only Rockbock (No Apple Software)

Hope that clarify things :-)

Tips and Tricks / Rockbox works fine on Ipod Classic 120GB (Gen.6)
« on: August 30, 2013, 01:41:19 PM »
Hi, here are good news for all MB-Friends and Ipod Classic 120GB User (Gen6). 

I use the Rockbox Firmware r31516 from EmCORE [].
After a slightly bumpy preinstallation method over "UMSboot",  the second stage of Installation (RockBox) was easy.

So I use MB with my Ipod Classic.
The directory structure was generated by the  tags and a search of a certain title is so much easier as by Apple.

The only problem was to find the correct USB-Driver for the Ipod.
I download the Itunes-exe and extract the file with 7Zip.
So I use the original Apple file: AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi

So I send Mediamonkey to retire and use only MB  ;D

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Improve Artwork Settings and Options
« on: August 09, 2012, 06:46:04 PM »
I understand Nikbane this way.
In MM you see under the tag-option "Cover" all the types of pictures like.  "FrontCover" & "BackCover" ...  at once. Additionally you can move the pictures up and down to display the right cover when you play music.

If you import the MP3 from MM  into MusicBee, there are only the first picture under property "Edit Artwork".
So there is some handwork for Nikbane to do.

I think Steven has not much time, to support our old IPod Classic.

He has wrote this wonderful program for us and for free!  Thx 2 him.

 I use MB only for tagging and playing, for synching, I use MM 4.

But, if Steven has a little bit of time ..   

The SharePod resources are free now for non commercial use. The download comes over SVN

svn checkout sharepod-lib-read-only

I've read some of the sources.

SharePod differs from various Ipods, I think MB does not.

public enum IPodFamily
        Unknown = 0,
        iPod_Gen1_Gen2 = 1,
        iPod_Gen3 = 2,
        iPod_Mini = 3,
        iPod_Gen4 = 4,
        iPod_Gen4_2 = 5,
        iPod_Gen5 = 6,
        iPod_Nano_Gen1 = 7,
        iPod_Nano_Gen2 = 9,
        iPod_Classic = 11,
        iPod_Nano_Gen3 = 12,
        iPod_Nano_Gen4 = 15,
        iPod_Nano_Gen5 = 16,
        iPod_Shuffle_Gen1 = 128,
        iPod_Shuffle_Gen2 = 130,
        iPod_Shuffle_Gen3 = 132,
        IPhone_ITouch = 2000,
        IPhone_ITouch2 = 2001,
        IPhone_ITouch3 = 2002,
        IPhone_ITouch4 = 2003
  *      SharePodLib - A library for interacting with an iPod.
  *      Jeffrey Harris 2006-2010
  *      Website:

But i think only Ipod Nano & Ipod Touch has special routines, Ipod Classic not.

Perhaps, Steven can investigate the differences into the sources.
And fix our problem  8)


Hi Steven, after all this trouble I've made a big cut.
I deinstall all the Apple Software, MusicBee and MediaMonkey. After that, I clear the registry.
Then I install iTunes 9 and start it.  iTunes find out that the libray (ituneslibrary.itl) was newer and abort the start of iTunes. So I delete the whole iTunesdirectory in the subdirectory of USERS.

Than I reset the iPod and reinstall MusicBee.  And, after a start as admin, the iPod was not longer ReadOnly - an sync was possible now.
So I try some Playlist syncs - all works fine. After I was brave, I sync, for fun, with MediaMonkey. That works also fine.
At the moment I sync the long Playlist and restore the iPod.  I hope that tomorrow everything continues to run.

So, I mean my mistake was that I reset my iPod not with right iTunes9 Version.
Perhaps there are some registry entríes or a mix of 10 and 9 or the directory with the newer ITL-File was wrong.

Thanks for your patience and support.    

-------- Edit --------

After the fifth sync in MB there now covers on iPod & one sync later  the iPod was only an USB-Pod like I wrote before.
I give up - syncing AppleClassic and MB = NO GO


I've replaced the current DLL's with the (old)one  from Stevens last thread.

I start MB but the Ipod was read-only now.
Message: "The device is read-only and cannot be updated by MusicBee"

So I start MB as admin  - the same result (read-only)

I deinstall MB with the win7 deinstall routine under programs. The userfiles stay untouched after deinstall.
After that, I install MB with MusicBeeV2Installer.exe and start the new installation.
The device (iPod classic 120GB) shows up in directorytree of MB.
Inside the nodes I see all my music, podcasts, audiobooks and so on.. So far so good.

Because MB was readonly now, I check with "MediaMonkey V4" the readwrite status. All works fine and sync works properliy! - ok.

Next, I fire up "SharePod V3.99". All the transfers from and to the iPod are working fine and nothing is locked or R/O.

The same Test I've made before with iTunes [10.6.17] and at last with [9.0.70]

The result is nearly the same. The difference is, that after reset with iTunes 9, the entries and DriveSettings will stay correct.

   Device Settings
   \iPod_Control\Music  F01\nnnn
  After reset with iTunes 10 they are different & wrong.
    Device StoragePath "G:\"      Music files "Music\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Disk-Track#> - <Title>"
   and so on for the following fields. 

What is so special on MB?
Will MB remain the status of an locked iPod and think it's forever. Or set windows a flag in the user control for exclusive use only for i.e. MM.
But why will SharePod still working?

At last I've have made all these tests with an 2GByte iPod Shuffle.
All three programs MM, MB, & SharePod working fine.

I am clueless. Are there another people that this problems with the Apple Classic?
Steven, what test can I do next?

I think in must be around begin of march (perhaps MusicBee 2.0.4467?)   
Let me try your old version. 
I additional will do that at a blank installation on another partition and report the result here.   


Hi Steven!

First I reset the iPod with iTunes 10 (and 9x) several times.  Next I start MB as Admin.

Device Settings are Standard  :  
  mark radiobutton "copy artwork to the iPod database"

Than I configure the Auto-Sync Settings :
 checkmark "Folder" and point to my MP4-AudiobookFolder
 checkmark under playlists my three playlists for sync
 (Playlist one has round about 90GB (14000 Titles) and there are two small ones more.

Than i have to wait for a long time.....

  After that the sync seems to be ok.  Music, Covers, Audiobooks, Podcast are ok and working on iPod
Now start MB next (normal NOT admin)
When I reconnect the iPod, the Ipod comes up as Device iPod120GB(K:) with correct node for Music, Podcast, Audiobooks, Video and my three playlists.

  But, if I resync next time with minor changes, the iPod has no Music, no books and so on. (The iPod used furthermore 90GB HDD-Space)
  The iPod device is displayed now as an normal USB-Drive in MB directorytree!
The Device Settings has now StoragePath ie. "G:\"   and the Music files filed contains now "Music\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Disk-Track#> - <Title>" and so on for the following fields.  

Next sync goes then to the wrong location on my iPod because MB thinks it syncs an USB-Device. Ipod Database is out of sync now and the game is over.

The problem seems to be the lost of status as an iPodDevice  to USBDevice.

At the moment it works fine with MM-syncing. But if you need more info, let me know.

(System  Win 7  Prof 64)

So,  now I've reset my iPod back with iTunesversion 9.0.70.
But the sync with MusicBee & iPod Classic 120GB doesn't run.
So, for synching my iPod, I went back and use my former program "MediaMonkey".

In the meanwhile I've testet SharePod for syncing too.  That works also.
I've seen there is a link for developers, and SharePodLib is now open-source!
Code is for free for non-commercial use.   (DotNet 2.0)

Perhaps it is worth to visit this links.  

I've reinstall my Ipod Classic 120GB (Firmware 2.01PC) with the actual Itunes 10.6.17.

The Database on the IPod seem to be another than earlier. So the sync does not work properly
Which version of Itunes is the right one to reset my Pod with correct filestructure, so it's work with MB?
Is v9.21 ok?

Portable Devices / Option - Disable (Ipod) Device
« on: April 26, 2012, 04:07:00 PM »
First of all, MB works very fine for me & is a wonderful piece of software.

But I have problems to sync my Ipod Classic 120GB with MB.
So I fall back to my former software, MediaMonkey 4.
 I use MM only to sync my Ipod. The another part I use (of course) MB.  ;D

Every time I put the extern device into my USB-Port, MB will be try to connect to this IPod.  

My question:
Dear Steven, is it possible to build in a new function "Don't recognize the IPod or other extern device?    
I like to switch off external devices, (until, perhaps, You will offer a sync for my Ipod)


Is it possible to give the treeview different colors.
Depends on depth level in the treeview

I mean path (VA-Albums)\ _Compilation\Jazz\CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl\
(VA-Albums)\      -  yellow
 _Compilation\     - green
Jazz\                     - red
CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl\  - blue
or other colors     

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