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Thanks for your synopsis tjinc, truly helps to keep the struggle I've been having within it's context.

As far as hope for a common template goes, I discovered a couple variations. There are some with "_1" differences indicating the file is a duplicate. However this is the only remaining file due to my early hasty attempts to get my library in tact. A problem of my own creation without a doubt.  

After creating an additional full backup of my files and including the elusive App Data folder for the store version
Location: C:\Users\<profile>\AppData\Local\Packages\50072StevenMayall.MusicBee_kcr266et74avj

I was able to recover the missing files within playlists by selecting all files in the music node and using Tools>Organize files... to rename the files back to the playlists references. I did this one variation at a time, first targeting files with '( )' then moving onto any duplicate names containing '_1' sweeping through the library until any and all name variations were covered.

This was certainly the most efficient way to make the necessary changes as it only took a matter of minutes. I thank you greatly tjinc, for you patience and willingness to help. You are also correct in that I am changing the filename and not the track title, thanks for clarifying that. And now I can re-name the files without fear of data loss.

Lastly, if I were to speculate on the origin of my error. I believe my inexperienced use of the Auto-organize feature led me to remove the "\" from the naming template without understanding that it represented a change in file location for the directory - resulting in files being removed from their folders. Newbie mistake, but I am eternally grateful for the communities help in teaching me how to effectively use this wonderful program. Now its back to the fun part of actually enjoying my media library!

Well it seems things did indeed get a bit off the rails for a moment but I appreciate (almost) everyone's input on the topic.

I'd like to report when I followed tjinc's instructions correctly I was successful in changing names within the music node and it automatically refreshed the tracks in the playlist. My only bone to pick with this method is about speed of workflow. It takes a good bit of time to first Identify an album or single through the missing source file notification, switch to music node and manually write that text into the search bar. To then use Tools>Organize files to rewrite a detail out of the track name which I would ultimately prefer stay in place.

I've found it much more efficient for my circumstance to highlight all tracks in a playlist and use 'Tools>Locate missing files...' to quickly go down the list manually selecting the re-named file contained within the missing file folder. This way I keep my track title format as desired and the playlists get repopulated relatively quickly. Yes this process is tedious, but much less so.

I do wish there were adjustable settings within the Auto-Match tool to help target missing files. A feature which could auto-match any single file inside <album> sub-folders would be amazing and would personally cut my manual work in half since I have many singles. However I'm happy to have a sure way to save my playlists that isn't unacceptably time consuming,

Anyway, time to get on with my character building exercises.  ;D

Option 1: Rename your music files (using MusicBee) so that they match the playlist references.
This will only be possible if your original filenames (as referenced in the playlists) conform to a pattern/template. If you look at the names of the files your playlist are looking for you might be able determine the 'template'.
If so, you can use the Tools > Organise Files function on selected tracks in your Music node. Set the 'to folder' path to match the current folder path so that the files are not moved (or uncheck that option) and set the 'naming template' accordingly.

Thanks tjinc, this seems like the logical way forward. I've attempted this method on a single file to test it. When I enter the file organizer tool the status is obviously 'not found' since the name is different. So I just attempt a Reorganize to change the name to match the actual file's name.

I'm finding the only difference in many of the files is simply the presence of "( )" around the <year> information. So this is all I've attempted to change through the Organizer tool as you can see in the images linked.  <- Naming Template includes '( )'

Unfortunately this appears to be ineffective. After completing the reorganize function the missing file notification persists without the change I attempted to make. This is also confirmed when I use the Locate missing files tool, the changes I attempted to make are not reflected in the file name there either.

Am I missing something or doing the process incorrectly? It seems I cannot re-write the playlist's reference to a file.

This feels like an opportunity for the Locate missing files tool's Auto-match feature to work its magic. But I suppose any variation to the file name will prevent the match from being created.

Anyone else's suggestions are welcomed graciously. Until then, I'll settle into some character building exercises  :-X

So are you saying that all your files are now located in the correct folder but have a different filename from that linked to in the playlists?
Do your files play when you go to your Music node (rather than your playlists)?

Yes - the files have been placed back where the playlist should be referencing, however, the names of the file names have been modified so the playlists do not recognize them. The files in the music node all play, and the missing tracks from the playlists are present and playable. See image links for proof of that.

I've "Scanned Folders for New Files" in the Playlist folder without success. The "Locate Missing Files" function will work on an individual basis by clicking into the three dots to locate the file it takes me to the folder containing it and I have to manually select the file. Unfortunately the Auto-Match feature which could solve this problem doesn't seem to work for my current situation.

Could a solution be to Relink music file paths to the same place it's already referencing to re-associate the files with new names? Or is that ineffective / not possible due to the files names being changed? All artist and album sub-folders referenced are the same, it's just the track names that have changed.

As your files look to be well tagged and, it seems, you had a structured filepath, you could try the command Send To> Folder (Copy)>Copy Files To Organised Folder or Send To> Folder (Move)>Move Files To Organised Folder where you can set up a template to copy or move them to the required folder path.
I can't comment on the filenames themselves - you may just have to use the <filename> field - but in this window you can preview the changes before copying/moving.

Thank you! Those methods were successful in getting the files back into their folders. After doing so, I manually replaced the disorganized folder of all my music with the re-organized files using file explorer. Only issue is the playlists all have missing files due to replacing their original reference. I'm thinking I could have done this a better way through MB itself and avoided this issue rather than moving the files manually outside of the program but I'm not sure exactly how to do this.

When I attempt to locate missing tracks from playlists individually I am taken to the correct folder as shown in the screenshots:

"Locate missing files.." function does not work automatically, even after manually directing a few files. I believe this is due to any changes in the file name. As you can see in the above example, I made the change to put "( )" around the <Year> information, for example.

Is there a better way to go about re-populating playlists? Do I just need to go back and Re-link file paths from MusicBee>Music to MusicBee>Music to refresh the references since I replaced the original files with re-named ones? I've had issue with the relink process previously so any help / pointers would be much appreciated.

you can't because you are using the Store MB version. though, you can try: file> library> backup library. i never used this command and am not aware of what exactly will be backed up.

Sounds like I need to switch to "portable" or "installer" version once I fix the file paths.

I noticed in the dropdown menu I could locate evidence that the newly renamed files in the inbox know where the original file location was. This is through the "Send to > Folder (Replace) > Use selected file to replace another file" command. See screenshots showing original artist and album folder path being identified.

Unfortunately I cant just click Open and move it to the original location because there's no file to replace there. This gives me hope because somewhere the information where these files came from has been kept.

Before I try the command "menu> file> library> relink music file paths" which I believe will just direct the file source to the one single folder containing all the re-named files, I want to test some individual re-link attempts that might allow me to re-populate the empty folders for my entire library.

Can anyone shed some light on a way for me to route the re-named files back to their folders?

you could try mb menu> file> library> relink music file paths, but as always it's a good idea to make library backup 1st (no need to back up music files themselves in the case of using this command).

I have been backing up the MusicBee main Library folder to a cloud drive but I'm wondering if I'm capturing all of my settings.

I've been reading through MusicBee Wiki guide on Backup & Restore and I'm having trouble locating AppData folder. It's not in Windows(C:) > AppData nor are they in Program Files or Program FIles (x86). The article mentions these folders can be hidden in windows explorer however even when I select show hidden items I still can't find them.

The MB Wiki guide stated it's up-to-date with version 3.0.5961 however I'm now on 3.5.8447.

Have the updates to the program moved settings to main MusicBee Library folder? (
If not, how might I locate the AppData and Program files?

My goal is to make certain I've got all my important data backed up before attempting to re-link pathways.

I would suggest to switch to using 'Portable', or else 'Installer' if you have the chance.
Less chance of Windows or security software interfering, more frequent updates, and easier to make backups.
I will look into making this change as soon as I can recover my Library. Did not realize there were different versions of the program.

It could perhaps be something like anti-virus software? Or syncing software?
In my personal experience that message is usually correct about what it says.

I'm sure the notification is accurate I just don't know what it could be or how to identify it.

As curious as I am to find out what happened and why, my bigger concern is what to do now. Which leads me to a question regarding associating the Library with the re-named files.

All music in my library now has a missing source file notification and newly re-named files are now in my inbox with a duplicate file notification. I'm praying there is a way to re-associate all the files to the original library with the goal of preserving my playlists. Are there any methods I can employ to avoid losing my playlists besides manually locating each file individually?

Additionally, here's the error report incase it can be helpful to understanding what went wrong:
9/5/2023 3:37:36 AM - 10.0.22621.0 - 3.5.8447.35843 Store - #=zRolAABWz5_TDjg4efWnnbIc=+#=zcOyTX6$KGL1Z+#=zH1Z5XkI4St1S: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. This file cannot be updated as another application has this file open at the same time.
   at #=zRolAABWz5_TDjg4efWnnbIc=.#=zcOyTX6$KGL1Z.#=zaQA_GIM=.#=z5oAGjVIrX8sI(#=zjSxIWkhwlvsm$dC4uw== #=z07bmKgg=, FileMode #=zRN3oZos=, FileAccess #=zPWeDCJ0=, FileShare #=zAPiNP0Q=, Int32 #=zkVPBfNI=, Boolean #=zPYYFUJpkuebK)
   at #=zGTLLkqa13tj99tu6SwaBxUg=.#=zyybknMpMxwR1.#=zMzJiq_gcSMAY(Boolean #=zAcx5$fzfGA$o9ouE_w==)
   at #=zGTLLkqa13tj99tu6SwaBxUg=.#=zyybknMpMxwR1.#=zgnwP472lPssE()
   at #=zacFniiJl65A2UEiykyvBaIc=.#=zz2J1Z9THkIdY()
   at #=zUAgrikuuIGni6ooFSJUqzaKMbuWR.#=zBI04pxs=.#=zzm6WYms=(CloseReason #=zUtlrKY4=)

It's too late to be of any help to you, but it isn't clear to me why the files had to be restored from the trash bin?
How did they end up there?

I'm still trying to figure that out but I think because my "move to" destination was C:\Users\conta\Music\MusicBee\Music\ 

Somehow this created a problem since the audio files were 1-2 folders deeper within the artist and album subfolders

I've used auto-organize before without this issue. Not sure where I went wrong. Any suggestions on how I could have done the file renaming without disturbing the folder path without going album by album?

Could the error message received provide clue to what happened? What could cause the Library database to be unable to save? I don't believe any other applications were using the MusicBeeLibrary.mbl file as the error message stated.

Unfortunately cannot Undo the mistake.

Apparently I was a little overly ambitious and made a mistake in my file routing. Nearly all audio files ended up being removed from their artist and album folders and were moved into the main "MusicBee>Music" folder.

Leaves me questioning how I could have cleaned up file names the right way without going album by album to keep everything in their folders?

I've restored the folders from the trash however I'm feeling I really shit the bed on this one unless some MB veteran could tell me a way to get the files back in their folders. I received the notification pictured in the link after the auto-organize ran.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

@boroda Thanks for your speedy response. I got ahead of myself before I saw your response and via the music library I used function "Show dead links" and removed these versions.

I can still see the missing files when I use the same "show dead links" function on my playlist containing all music. It knows where to locate it but because of the difference of the "_1" it needs me to manually select the file. Did I make a grave mistake deleting the duplicates forcing me to recover all the lost playlist items manually? Could I somehow repopulate the playlists from "c:\users\conta\music\musicbee\playlist" or were those files likely altered by the changes made?

Praying for a quicker solution but I realize my trigger happy mouse clicking finger might have doomed me on this one.

Thanks for your time and consideration on the matter.

I created a playlist with all music from all playlists and tried to Locate missing files however none of them successfully locate a match. Even after I've manually located a few files successfully.

The files exist in the Library as shown below but many are still missing in the playlist.

Good catch, I've corrected the redundancy in the "from" path. I don't know how it got like that but when corrected it leaves some files still missing. As you can see in the screenshots, it knows exactly where it should be sourcing those file from... "c:\users\conta\music\musicbee\music"

However it's not automatically picking them up - and there's playlists with most files missing in this way.

As you can see, the source file is located where it should be according to the file path notification however for some reason it's not being recognized. I've used the "Scan folder for new files" without success. Any additional suggestions or pointers towards what I'm overlooking would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Playlist contents are all entirely missing.  Screenshot to demonstrate presence of playlists, confirmation of tracks' missing information, as well as retrievability from MusicBee>Music folder individually.

"Locate missing files" attempts are unsuccessful. Any suggestions to solutions would be massively appreciated.

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