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Unfortunately your new file isn't compatible with older version of Excel or Google Docs. I am still using 2019 and these new formulas like FILTER you are using are just available in 2021 or 365. They seems very nice and might upgrade sometime, but for the people who aren't on the latest and greatest or don't have Excel and might want to use Google Docs, they won't be able to use it.

Opening in 2019 shows the filtered view, but the second you add a new field by writing an f, it breaks in #NAME everywhere. Google Docs just shows a #NAME on opening and the filtered view just doesn't work.

Maybe try with my formula, even if it's not straight forward (I had to open an old sheet and check how it was done, even then I had to split it in part to try to remember how it worked).

Tips and Tricks / Re: Hiccup's Bible of Tags (all MusicBee & Picard tags)
« on: February 10, 2023, 08:54:08 PM »
It does, it just seems that Google Docs messed up the conditional formatting you had for the little f. But the Filtering still works since it's all formula based, you enter the f, and it will appear in the filtered list.

Here is the direct excel file, instead of going through GDocs.

Here is a Google Docs link for anyone that wants to just try it out. Just make a copy to you local GDrive.

Tips and Tricks / Re: Hiccup's Bible of Tags (all MusicBee & Picard tags)
« on: February 10, 2023, 12:20:52 PM »
There is no need to have an macro enabled worksheet to do your filtered view. Because of the security concerns, some might be too reluctant too use it.

Here is a version with no need for it.

See below


In a 3.5 Beta, an option for sorting by Original Year was added in the Music Explorer. A similar option would be needed when using the Artist View. When set to open the tracks directly under the selected artist, there is no way to customize the album cover that appears. No way to change the date under the album cover to Original Year, and right-clicking Sort Albums doesn't have Sort by Original Year.

* If we could have at least a Sort by Original Year like in the update to the Music Explorer. It should fallback to Year if it's blank. If no fallback then being able to Sort by a Virtual field would be better even.

* Also if possible to customize the text under the cover, like I can in the track display.

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