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but better try to disconnect the phone, restart mb, go to edit> prefs> devices, and delete all devices there. then restart mb again and reconnect the phone. fresh setup of the phone in mb must be correct.
This worked, both send to & sync'ing are now functional.  Thanks Boroda!  Really appreciate your help.

Via USB cable.  I'm not sure about MTP or UMS, how do I check which is being used? 

The path in my computer is the first one I listed above:
This PC\*phone brand*\Internal shared storage\Music

Ok, we might be getting somewhere - when I try to sync instead of send to I get a different error: "The storage folder '*phone's device code*\SD Card\' no longer exists and may need to be changed in the device sync preferences".

Trouble is, I've re-checked the MB device preferences and they don't point to an SD card folder.  I've tried inserting various paths in the storage path field:
This PC\*phone brand*\Internal shared storage\Music (the path where I want the files to go as it appears on the PC)
*phone's device code*\*phone brand*\Internal shared storage\Music (with the device's code on the computer subbed in)
*phone's device code*\Internal shared storage\Music
*phone's device code*\Music

None of them made any difference, same errors for both send to & sync.

Is there another Musicbee preference I need to edit, other than the storage path field?

Unfortunately syncing my whole library is not viable...I have around 270 GB of music on my hard drive, way more than my phone will hold.  Even if it could hold all that, I don't actually want the whole library on the phone, just a curated selection.

Went to Preferences > Devices in MusicBee, everything looked ordinary except that the device showed up twice.  I haven't edited any of those settings from their defaults, which they worked under previously.

Error log doesn't have much more detail I'm afraid - it's just a list of all the songs I tried to move with the error after each of them.  E.g.:

"23/09/2022 12:13:21 PM - Copy C:\Users\*****\Desktop\Music\BT Muzak\The Stone Roses\1989 - The Stone Roses\11 - I Am The Resurrection.mp3 to *phone's device code*\SD card\Music\The Stone Roses\The Stone Roses\11 - I Am The Resurrection.mp3
23/09/2022 12:13:21 PM - Attempted to access a path that is not on the disk."

Hi there, love MusicBee a whole bunch.  Today however I'm having issues with transferring tracks from my Windows PC onto my Android phone, something I've done without issues many times in the past.  I'm using right-click: send to Device, but no matter what tracks I try to transfer it now says "Copy Failed - Attempted to Access a Path that is not on the Disk", which is an error I've never seen before.

What I've done so far:
Googled/checked the forum for previous answers for this error
Un-plugged & reconnected the phone
Closed & restarted MusicBee
Updated MusicBee to latest version
Checked that neither the files I'm reading from nor the folder I'm writing to are read only
Uninstalled the Android device on my computer & let it connect afresh
Double-checked that I can copy files to the target folder manually (it worked fine, but obviously it's a lot less convenient than using MusicBee).

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

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