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Proudly presenting Centrol Dark + Light, a bitmap skin in two color tones, with centered media controls. An accompanying toolbar icon set is in development.

Please consider this a Beta release, if you find any visual bugs please post your findings, preferably with a screenshot of your MusicBee layout.

Tip: Use MusicBee's built-in automatic Time Of Day skin switcher setting to alternate between dark and light versions throughout your day.

Centrol Light / Centrol Dark

Download layout file:

Credits to diego and mvana for providing their skin source files; credits to for their icon set.

Centrol Light / Centrol Dark
Can you inform what font you used in the image preview?

Questions / Re: Way to remove the quantity of albums of a artist?
« on: September 07, 2022, 05:33:37 PM »
There isnt any way to remove that text.
For the next v3.5 update I have fixed the album count to exclude tracks with no album. I realise that wont address the issue you are reporting
It's alright, thanks for the answer anyway.

Questions / Way to remove the quantity of albums of a artist?
« on: September 06, 2022, 11:47:49 PM »
In this view that i'm using of thumbnail browser, its showing the pictures along with the name, but below is how many albums of the artist is in my library, there's a way to remove this since there are EPs, compilations and singles this not makes too many sense?

This is what i'm talking about, I do not know if i was clear.

Followed all steps to re-organize Albums, Singles, EPs and Compilations of the way i was looking for.

I'm using the method where the "Group By" section is using the virtual tag that is blank, so in sub-grouping i'm using the virtual tag that really sorts the grouping in the way i want., also the custom sort that i'm using is: Grouping/ Year (Desc)/ Album

But when using this method, there's a line that stands because of the blank tag that i'm using, it bothers me a little, there's a way to remove it or something?

Maybe it's a little hard to see.

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