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Hi everyone, i wanted to share what i achieved using AHK. Is really simple, but took like 4 days testing, and trying things to look decent.
Also im learning english while writing this post, so... sorry  :P

I used, Mini Player: Wide layout / narrow layout -> from MUSICBEE, with custom tags (artist + title) , made  HOUR+DATE GUI (in the middle of the screen) with ahk, made bg transparent, click-through , app AlwaysonTop, Auto hide on X app active, or Stay hidden when you press X keyboard shorcut. ( the thing you see left to the HOUR, is the recording app that i cutted the edges to only show the recording time, basically the same thing i did with music bee)

NARROW LAYOUT : has narrow progress bar  // You need to change default font / and size for the whole app on LAYOUT 1 , if you want transparency to not look bad  // NO Album Art ,  If transparency is disabled, It takes too much unnecessary vertical space for my taste.
Also could't find "TO BE PLAYED" progress bar color line code, so is going to be white for now.
WIDE LAYOUT : wider progress bar //  specific font for the mini player mode  //  HAS Album Art. // invisible progress bar to be played.

We can have the 3 LINES / 3 DASHES , that let you access  the current track-list.  but you have to make it CLICKABLE. for it to detect the mouse over , So we can access  " playing now assistant"  window , with Global key shortcut.

1) Cut the album art ON WIDE LAYOUT ( you can have it if you want ) ,  i removed it cause any minimal change grabs my attention when drawing on a white canvas, and wanted to avoid that.
2) Also, i had to design a new font that looks good on small size ( 8 size ) , and with transparency to the background of Wide layout.  Cause if it was rounded looks horrible , so it needed to  be squared with big space inbetween characters, abcdefg.... ( all of this only for small size fonts) , I could use bigger size if it wasn't to distracting ( Just like the album art) .  You can use any font and any size you want.

3) Background transparent
 BG color has to be similar to the font color ( i used clip studio paint to get RGB numbers, and changed the font color / and the background color on xml file on skin  folder in Musicbee  app folder )
let say   0=black  100=white   you want middle gray for the font color = 50      , you go to clip pick 50 gray value with 0 saturation and 0 Hue,  change to rgb mode ,  that's 128 Red ,128 Blue,128 Green  (probably exist webpage to do this, or to just show you the RGB values of the color you want )
Then you need to set the background with a similar color (font is going to have semi transparent borders that are going to merge with the background color) so you just have to change  to 127,127,127 for the bg.
If you set the BG color and progress bar color thats going to be played, you can make both invisible with 1 code line.
Example.  Winset, transcolor, B4B4B4 , %WideLayout%  ///    b4b4b4 = 180,180,180 = 71% grey. (0 black  100 white)
4) Keyboard Shortcut to open Musicbee then > Resizing / Movement / transparency/ make click-through / Deleting edges (like album art from the left , or maybe you want to delete progress bar) , You can also Hide/un-hide if you are in X application,  Move x o y pixels ,  or maybe 50% transparent, Cut / uncut the album depending on Active application.

All has to be done with Autohotkey.

5) Also i used to have a custom tag with the HOUR+DATE but only updates when the song changes , so if you have 1 hour song, minutes are not going to update until is finished.  So i made A GUI (graphical user interface) with AHK that shows HOUR+DATE, at the center.

-------- IF ANYONE is interested, and is allowed to talk about AutoHotKey, I can write a mini guide for any beginner . I don't know if i should made a new post on other section, or just edit this post. Any tips are welcomed
More Screenshots:

Plugins / Re: Musicbee Chromecast Plugin
« on: January 10, 2023, 07:50:24 PM »
okeyyy! after 3hours i finally solved the problem.  i was getting error like most of you guys.
error starting the web server
web server exception

 tools (ALT +T )-> checkstatus  (i was checking on settings > tools like an idiot for 3 hours)
chromecast : connected
server status : not running

But when i run musicbee, as administrator. (just right click > run as admin )
 i can connect without problems.
Thanks for the plugin!

Questions / Re: Can Music Files Be Sorted by Date Created?
« on: January 04, 2023, 10:11:09 AM »
How do you embedd the date created to the file itself ?
cause i copy and pasted the file in other folder and the date is todays date.
i just copy tag <date created> to <date added> (so i can sort it on music bee)

And also copied the tag <date created> to <origin>  so if i copy the file or move it, 
next time i can get the original date from <origin> to <date added>
but  i dont know if thats the correct way to do it.

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