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Portable Devices / Re: Wifi android device synching
« on: September 18, 2022, 05:02:23 AM »
I think I got it to work -- I went into the java items that I modified (WifiSyncBaseActivity) and chose to recompile it in the build menu.  From there, the build seems to have allowed me to install it.  Seems to work "fine" now (quite a few warnings from Google play protect, but I guess that's to be expected).  Seems I'm able to use the folder as needed.

Thanks, BoringName for the writeup.  Hopefully the community can find a maintainer of the app, but you stepping up to assist Steven and the community is much appreciated!

Portable Devices / Re: Wifi android device synching
« on: September 17, 2022, 05:05:10 PM »
I'm getting a "package not valid" error when trying to install my own custom apk (from BoringName's steps)

So I just recently started to get the 'root folder' issue in my wifi sync app.

Don't quite understand as I haven't had a security update for a few weeks, but oh well.  So due to another issue I've had (where wifi sync app stopped seeing 'server' on my desktop), I would have a workaround where I'd clear app data/cache, and it would start working again.  Never found root cause, but workaround was fine.

This last time I did it, when I walked through initial setup (which I had to do with wiping data), it would now no longer allow me to use the folder I had been using for months.  Again, no recent security update on my phone that I installed, so I have no idea what changed.

So I attempted BoringName's apk process, and am pretty certain I followed it to the letter.  I've triple-checked myself, and I think I did it all correctly.  But when I take the apk I outputted and send it to my phone, it says the package is not valid -- "App not installed as package appears to be invalid".  This is different from the installing from unknown locations -- other apk's in this directory install fine.

Any thoughts on what's making the package invalid?  I've tried SDK versions 32,33,34 to see if any would work ... none do.

Portable Devices / Re: MB Wifi Sync issue: "Server not found"
« on: September 11, 2022, 05:39:22 PM »
One thing I'm going to keep an eye on as a possible root cause:

I double-checked my permissions on the wifi-sync app, and they *had* changed (which itself is bugging me, because I explicitly defined them and then excluded it from system-attempted optimizing).

The storage permission had been removed.

I reenabled, and I haven't had the issue in a couple of days.  I'm going to monitor usage for the next few days.  I can't quite see a correlation between what I "fixed" and the error message, so it's either a) unrelated, and my problem may resurface, or b) the root cause, and perhaps some error handling improvements are needed in the app.

Portable Devices / Re: MB Wifi Sync issue: "Server not found"
« on: September 10, 2022, 02:25:15 AM »
@roth377: I'll try to clear data/cache after a force stop on the android app. Bur prior to this, could you tell me if you use your own apk as suggested by BoringName or if you're still on the playstore version? Also, do you have to clean the android app every time you want to use it or one time was enough?
I honestly don't remember if I found an .apk on the forum (via developer) or if it was on the play store.  My memory just isn't that great :)

As for an update on my part -- I don't seem to have to do it EVERY time now, but it's definitely often.  It is unfortunate, but (as mentioned), the clearing of data/cache is a quick workaround and doesn't seem to have negative impact on the syncing (it still does the reverse sync of all music I had listened to and such).

I wish I could find some more concrete correlation, but I'm fairly certain there was:
- no known Windows updates around that time
- no network changes in my house
- it WAS around the same time as a recently security update on my phone (I have a OnePlus, and am on the August security update)

I know it's not much to go on, but I would suggest  the clear app data/cache before any additional network changes, only because I''m hopeful it would at least provide you some proof that it's unlikely your network/firewall thats' the cause (because if it works after you wipe data/cache, it would tell me the network can send the information to phone/computer with no problem)

I did also check to make sure my sycn application on the phone had no optimization on it (to make sure the phone wasn't killing a process or removing permissions without my explicit direction.

I know my suggestion won't "fix" your problem -- but hopefully gives you a workable solution while you (and I) still try to find the source of the problem.

Portable Devices / Re: MB Wifi Sync issue: "Server not found"
« on: September 03, 2022, 04:07:08 PM »
This has started to happen to me as well.  I'm not sure when it may have occurred, but it *may* have been around the same time I did my phone's latest security update.

I don't have a fix either, BUT I did find a "workaround".  I simply clear data/cache after a force stop.  Since the "setup" is so easy and I don't seem to see any negative effects, it's the best way I've found to get around the issue.

I'm pretty certain it's security related (and the wifi sync app just can't recognize that and appropiately handle the error, so I would ignore talks about "network error".

I resolved this on my own -- here's what I did

(as an introvert, I'm perfectly fine talking with myself :) )

The import of the library from iTunes does seem to indeed store it in the database cache of the library.  *IF* I did a rescan of my library after import, it would have indeed wiped out my ratings (since it would have gone back to files and rescanned, where it didn't exist).  I did confirm this by rescanning a select few music files, and their ratings did indeed wipe out.  So naturally I stayed away from rescanning for now.

I *think* a resynchronization of tags *could* have pushed some of the ratings back to the file (spotting differences between cached library entries and file tags, and pushing back to file) -- however it seemed in my testing that it was not consistent enough in spotting differences and thus not writing back to files.

So I created an auto-playlist that identified each rating (I used whole stars), and then put results into a static playlist (auto-playlist looking for rating of 1 star would then copy into a static playlist named '1 star').  So now I had ALL my songs represented in one of 5 playlists.  I confirmed all songs were represented in these playlists.

I also made sure to (temporarily) make it so changing tags didn't update modified date of file

Then in each playlist, I did a rescan (right click -> send to -> rescan) which "correctly" removed all ratings when rereading the tags, and then I simply rated all songs in the playlist with the appropriate rating.

As an added bonus, since never stored in the tag, this rescan also wiped out the itunes-guessed album rating as well (which I didn't want!).  I guess I could have followed the same approach as ratings had I really wanted to retain those album ratings as well.

What this exercise REALLY did was highlight how incredibly powerful and awesome MusicBee is.  I'm REALLY liking my choice to ditch iTunes.

As a quick note -- in case it makes a difference:

I have IMPORTED the library from iTunes (with ratings in the library), but I have chosen NOT to rescan my library (by rescanning the music directory) out of fear that it would potentially wipe out the ratings (that DON'T exist in the tags) that exist in the library.  Is this a warranted concern?  Is my library "safe" from updates?

I recently imported my iTunes library to Musicbee (past iTunes/iSyncr/RocketPlayer user). Loving my MusicBee/PowerAmp experience thus far.

When I imported iTunes library, it appears to store ratings as part of the library, and not in the files themselves. Is there a batch process I can run that takes those ratings and puts them into the files themselves? I have the checkbox to store the ratings in the files (assuming for future tag saves), but I'm looking to see what I can do with existing library entries.

Bonus question -- it seems to have brought in iTunes "guessed/estimated" album rating into the MB library, which I don't want/need.  Is there a way to remove those album ratings without impacting the files themselves (since album ratings are currently not saved into file)?

Thanks all! I hated that it took JRT Studio getting sold to make me move to MusicBee (I loved supporting them even while 'putting up' with iTunes). However, Musicbee has been a incredible experience with a great community and a great developer.

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