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Update: I created a new library, scanned the same folders and the missing tracks are showing. I guess it's technically fixed? Anyways thanks for everyone's help~ <3

If the music library option is grayed out, then the track is already in your music library.
Select the song and open the Tag Editor > Properties and look at the bottom for the path where the file is.
I went around and checked where the missing tracks are located, It's in the same folder as the other tracks. That doesn't seem to help seeing it still isn't displayed in the music library. (Since it doesn't show up in the music library in tracks view and can only be found in global search while being in the same path as the other songs, I think it's in and not in the music library at the same time? So maybe it's a bug?).

Select the track(s) > right click > send to > music library
I'm afraid the send to music library button is greyed out, is there anything else I could do?

What happens if you use the top-right search box, set it to 'search entire library', and enter the title of a song that is missing?
Perhaps it shows up in the Inbox?

Huh strange,  it does show up in the search box. So does this mean it ended up in the inbox? If so how do I move it back to the library?

if you cant drop the files into the library then the tracks are already in your library. Easiest way to find them is to use the Tracks view, then display and sort by the URL field to locate the file. There is probably something wrong with the tag values

I'm they're nowhere to be found, even with your method.

why not just drag the missing files from windows explorer into the music tab

I already tried it, that didn't work as well.

You can change the view using the little heading in the top-left corner of the track display:

If you can't see that heading, try right-clicking the empty space under the tabs row (i.e the red area in this screenshot):

You can select Show Header Menu if you want to the current view title always displayed.

The Tracks view helps to work out if tracks are actually missing or are just being grouped in a way that means you don't see them where you expect to.

Thanks a lot! The tracks are actually missing as they aren't appearing in the tracks view as well.

If you right click a playlist, and choose Playlist Settings, you can choose the view to be use for that list. On my setup, the default is identical to Tracks Details, which looks more explorer-like.
I don't really have a playlist, I just play albums right from the music tab

Musicbee has worked perfectly fine for me since I first installed it, but one day some songs in the library aren't showing up on MB although they're showing up in the file explorer.
Your screenshot shows MusicBee using the 'Album and Tracks' layout.
Do the tracks show when using the 'Tracks' layout?
May I ask how would I do so?

Welcome to the forum enbymutant
Just so you know, the text colour formatting you applied to your post makes things very difficult to read for people using dark themes.

If you need to highlight parts of your post, it's best to use one of the colours that are suggested for formatting when creating your post.
Those colours have been tested to display well for both light and dark themes.

Whoops I'm sorry for that, it should be fixed now.~

Musicbee has worked perfectly fine for me since I first installed it, but one day some songs in the library aren't showing up on MB although they're showing up in the file explorer.

Here's the file explorer window showing the album

and here's what I see in musicbee

Here's the errorlog file (yes ik I linked it through discord cdn, I'm too lazy to use google drive for this lol)

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with me moving around the files and then rescanning to add the songs back to the library? But that was a few days ago, and MB could still find and play the songs after I did so. I also updated to the latest version just after this happened (from 3.4 to 3.5)

If anyone knows what is causing this problem and how to fix it, please let me know. Thanks a lot!~

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