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Hey, thanks. Apparently, to switch the display format, you have to click on the time countdown shown on the progress bar while the audio track is playing. That works.

Thanks again!

I use Musicbee to listen to audiobooks. I noticed that on the main player, above the progress bar, to the right of the title and album information, the track counts down how many hours, minutes and seconds remain in the track. Instead of this, is there a way to show the track position? This audiobook is all one file. I'm more interested in knowing how many hours I have listened so far and where I am stopping when I hit pause as opposed to how many hours I have left.

Does that make sense? Instead of time remaining in the track, I would rather see in the progress bar my current position displayed as hours, minutes, and seconds. Is there a way to enable this kind of display in the progress bar?

Questions / Set sleep timer / show sleep timer in mini mode
« on: June 19, 2021, 10:01:44 PM »
Hello everyone!

I primarily use the software in mini mode. Is there any way to set up a sleep timer directly from mini mode? Moreover, is there a way to show the remaining sleep timer along the bottom of the screen when the mini mode is a narrow bar?

Thanks for everything!

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