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Tips and Tricks / Re: MusicBee now works under wine
« on: September 27, 2017, 10:33:02 PM »
I have MusicBee 3.1.6446 installed and working on OpenSuse 42.3 (latest). I installed via PlayOnLinux as that adds some nice features to Wine such as virtual drives for installs. The only change from default was to switched the Wine Windows version to Vista - it didn't work on the 'Windows 7' setting.

Only problem I have is that MusicBee crashes when trying to play .wma files (as mentioned above)
I installed the Packman codecs and .wma play works fine in VLC etc.

But I can avoid WMAs generally - a hangover from someone elses files I inherited!

Questions / Re: MusicBee for Linux (ubuntu)
« on: November 02, 2014, 01:21:09 PM »
Just to say that I have MusicBee working on Linux following raffraffraff's example with the current MusicBee 2.4 in OpenSuse 13.1 and Lubuntu 14.2.

Install 'PlayOnLinux' from the standard distro packages, this is a nice graphical interface that also installs Wine - do 'Install a Program' - 'Install a non listed program'. Where it asks 'Install some Libraries' choose that and choose dotnet40, mfc42, xmllite,  gdiplus, wmp10, windowscodecs . Then go on and install from the standard Windows installer. Untick 'Run after Install'.

I found I didn't need vcrun2008 or d3dx9. The only thing I've found that doesn't work is the other skins - I just stick to the MusicBee default.
Very happy...

MusicBee works in Linux, it's just not particularly intuitive to set up. Here's a very brief explanation of how I did it:
- Install wine and winetricks
- Run winecfg to create a default .wine folder and change the Windows version to XP.
- Use winetricks to install the requirements (not sure if all are required: dotnet40, mfc42, xmllite, d3dx9, gdiplus, vcrun2008, wmp10, windowscodecs)
- Download the portable version of MusicBee + all extras (like bass_aac.dll)
- Extract to the wine C:\ drive
- Create a shortcut that executes: wine "C:\\MusicBee\\MusicBee.exe"

What can I say, except that it works? To make it look pretty, choose a suitable font - things can look a bit weird otherwise.  I have Linux and Windows computers in my house and they all use the same version of portable MusicBee. The MB library is shared between them on a NAS, along with the music files. Furthermore, my NAS monitors the location that "Export as external playlist" uses. If it finds a new file, it runs a BASH script that parses the playlist, creates a folder structure and makes hard links to music files. (Hard links take up no additional space, are created in seconds and can be safely deleted). My Android phone does a scheduled rsync when it's connected to the home wifi. So in case you didn't catch that, to get music onto my phone:  right-click the playlist and "export as an external playlist". Ass-kickery, without the cables.

Tips and Tricks / Re: Install Musicbee on Ubuntu (TUT)
« on: August 24, 2012, 10:20:15 PM »
...OK just when it was going so well...

If you move the 'Track and Artist' to the bottom pane so you can see the artist photos and so on I find that when I close and restart MusicBee I then get a blank grey page - oh dear - I've broken it :)

However with some further fiddling I found that if I do View - Save settings and save my settings with the standard layout before moving 'Track and Artist' to the bottom pane , I can reload the standard layout, and everything works again... A bit of an annoying workaround but doable.

Tips and Tricks / Re: Install Musicbee on Ubuntu (TUT)
« on: August 24, 2012, 09:43:23 PM »
Hello, I've just switched one of our PCs to OpenSUSE 12.1 and am a keen MusicBee user so I thought I'd give the latest version (1.4) a go with Wine. It works - well just about! (This is on Wine 1.4 installed from the standard SUSE repositories)

I installed
winetricks dotnet20

and then ran
wine setup.exe on the MusicBee installer

As has been said, the preferences don't work properly but the default settings seem to play fine.
The Music Library doesn't seem to want to work but I'm used to browsing and playing from the 'Computer' file folders which work fine,

I also installed .net 2.0

winetricks dotnet35

and that also worked but didn't improve the compatibility situation. Strangely the Now Playing dialogue doesn't work in the Default R.H. side bar but if you move it to the central panel then it's usable although the little 'currently playing' arrow doesn't show.

Blogs and MP3 files seem to work OK. Radio Stations doesn't seem to work.
The Artist photos work (excellent feature) as well as the Wikipedia and other Tab options in Track and Artist!

Anyway it's working well enough to keep me happy - as far as I'm concerned it works better than Amarok which doesn't have a 'refresh' button to rescan the file system when you rename a folder or suchlike. Thanks Steve and all for a great app.

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