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Plugins / Re: Netease Lyrics: Retrieve lyrics from Netease Cloud Music!
« on: August 30, 2019, 02:25:15 PM »
I can see that now the plugin is version 1.4.0 and congrats !

but I just came here to ask why there's no option to turn off censorship. im listening to rap/hiphop and I just can see an enormous amount of censors kinda beats the purpose of the service. if songs have parental advisory on them probably the users are ready for badwords so why censor them with no option to dissable it.

also, most songs have wrong lyrics and some is just brutal specially with more popular songs while with some less popular ones, I can see that its either complete wrong or it came from musixmatch which is totally fine and maybe better but censorship is still there to ruin it. I recommend getting an assistance with if y'all wanna do the lyrics manually

I can see that you did a lot of work for this plugin I totally appreciate and acknowledge that. I could say this is really cool on the surface but totally needs more work with lyrics and cersorship, either are equally bad and annoying good thing editing is there. atleast its just better than the original lyrics provider of musicbee

i could be wrong about anything that i said because i've only been using this plugin for a day but the flaws are just obvious. but i can see the potential of this plugin getting better keep it up guys  ;)

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