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I made the decision long ago to just keep these types of songs (Golden Slumbers medley from Abbey Rd, for example.  Brain Damage / Eclipse, etc) as one track when I rip.  If they truly "may be properly considered one song," it's the most elegant solution and the only one assured to work across platforms.
You have more foresight than I!
I may just go back into my albums to do this. I was also specifically thinking of Abbey Rd as I wrote this wishlist ...

I've never seen this in any music player before, but I'd love to see an option to keep certain tracks always linked, even when they are included together in a shuffled playlist. For instance, in an album where two songs blend seamlessly into one another and may be properly considered one song, adding them in a playlist that gets shuffled disrupts the song. Hearing the second half of the song without the first half is just odd and listening to the first half abruptly break off is jarring.
No doubt, this would be a feature that hardly ever gets used. But I'd use it :)

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