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Tips and Tricks / Fix to make MusicBee remote working again under Win10
« on: August 03, 2022, 08:01:53 AM »
I think after a few Windows updates the rights in the Firewall were not correctly anymore.

The MusicBee Remote installer only updates the rights for the plugin, but not for the MusicBee application.

So you need to allow MusicBee access to private (and/or public) network.

Then MusicBee remote is working again.

Thanks. I tried that, but it doesn't work really satisfactory if you want to toggle between "off" and "smart".

A few observations:
1. There is one function that enables "replay gain smart", but doesn't support toggle to also disable it, it simply activates it and it stays on.
2. When using "Toggle volume adjustment" (de: Wiedergabe Lautstärkeanpassung umschalten) I am toggling between all possible modes.
3. Once turned off, then it needs three more keypresses to turn "replay gain smart" back on.
4. Additionally it's easy to loose the overview, in which replay gain mode you are, especially when the replay gain values are low.
    I would wish additionally for an indicator, which replay gain tag is in use, if enabled: intelligent | title | album.

Many thanks though for your kind suggestion.

When evaluating music material and its maximum level above 0dBFS (OVR's) with RME DIGIcheck Totalyser and EBU R 128 meters, as well as the correctness of  replay gain tag being used for a song, I would like to have the ability to quickly enable and disable intelligent volume adjustment in the miniplayer.

Since I only have Full-HD monitor/resolution and the DIGIcheck windows already take up quite a bit of space, it would be very helpful here to not have to keep opening the MusikBee all the way, which would also be more click work.

Maybe this additional button could be made customizable, so that one or the other can customize this according to his demand.


as the title says I wish for a function to lock the playback volume at 100% to ensure lossles audio playback.

From time to time I detect that MusicBee volume is not at 100% anymore. I can only assume that I touched/moved the volume fader accidently.
It would be fantastic if such a volume change could be blocked entirely by a configuration option.

Background information: I am exclusively using the volume knob of my RME D/A converter (ADI-2 Pro FS R BE).
Such a lock would also ensure that the "Bit test" function of this device does not fail, because the volume is not at 100%.
Bittest is an end to end test, whether your audio chain is lossless, by playing back a .wav tesfile of a few seconds
and if it arrived lossless in good shape, then you get a notification about that in the display. Very useful !

May I propose two things

A) to log this in the error log as the "!" signs can not be detected n a very long list of files.

B) maybe to think about something like a scan or validation mode that checks for differencies between files on disk and the MB library ?
Which supports the user to fix some things that could occurr easily:

- update Meta Information from files to the MusicBee library
- add entries in the MB library if new files were found
and also
- warn if there are titles in the MB library with a path that is not in the list of folders to be tracked for updates
  and to ask the user whether those folders should be added to the list of folders to be tracked
  or alternativey, whether the entries in the MB library should be removed

Solved. "Mysterious ways" indeed ;)

The current playback window has in the 1st column smth that looks to me like a selection field.
There I found a couple of titles marked with a "White Exclamation Mark" sign in a black filled circle.
You can luckily sort this colum, there I found around 10 files.

Strange thing: all those files from a folder that is not in the list of folders anymore.
Even stranger, that it pops up from yesterday to today.

I remember, that I performed a Win10 fresh install around October this year.
And when I newly installed MusicBee then I entered only this directory to scan for Music: K:\<myname>\Eigene Music

The other files (test wav files for a particular D/A converter) were under K:\data\Software\driver\.....

Maybe some left-over entries from the past ..

What irritates me is, that this popped up now without having changed anything in that regards.
Neither I changed the folders which I scan, nor did I remove anything under K:\data\Softwar\driver.

I really do not know what happened. Thanks anyway for your kind help and time.

1st I misunderstood your posting and didn't get the point that you suggest to narrow down to one or more files that causes the issue.
Please understand from end user perspective that I am simply astonished why the same selection of files causes this error now.
Yesterday and today the selection of titles didn't change: "all titles" by doubleclick to "Music" left side under Library.

Update: Now I removed all Gain Tags with another software. When starting MB it started to rescan all titles.
I am curious whether the issue is gone after that.

BTW .. I was missing something like that to rescan the library to update / fix any issues with the library.

> And you confirmed that using a file explorer outside of MB?


> If you're only getting that error when you try to use those two tools, are you selecting only a few tracks/albums, or all the tracks/albums?

All the tracks.

Meanwhile I got a tip from a friend to select only a few files in contrast to the whole library. And yes this makes a difference.

So I am trying to narrow down now by this, which file is maybe corrupted or missing.

Did you check to confirm that files really do exist in the expected location? And if not in the expected location, then are they somewhere on your PC?

Have you checked the error log?

Thanks for your response. The usual high number of files is still there.
Normal operation (playing music) works.
What changed is, that from yesterday to today I can't remove/recalc Gain Tags.

The error log doesn't contain any entry from yesterday or today.
The last entries were from 22.12.2020 with a few entries which do not apply to this problem.

since this morning I am getting the error message ""One or more files do not exist at the expected location" instantly
whenever I try to perform one of these actions with the aim of recalculating replay gain tags.
- Tools -> restore original volume
- Tools -> analyse volume

Yesterday this was still working and this morning I performed only a few actions:
- editing the tags of perhaps 6 music titles and
- deleting around 8 files from the MusicBee library (only from the library, not from disk)

I tried already
- File -> scan folders for new files
in the hope that this would cure any mismatch between titles on disk and the MusicBee database, but no change, error persists.

Before restoring the backup, I would prefer to find out in the current error situation what the problem is and how it can be eliminated with "on-board tools" / by the application itself.

I can say with certainty that from yesterday to today, no operating actions were taken outside of the application, neither in the database nor in the music content itself. Only the few changes with MusicBee which I said above.

Unfortunately, the error message does not give any further information about what the problem is. Are there more detailed error log files somewhere ?

If only a restore would be an option, what do you think would cure the issue ? Do I have to restore only one of these folders completely or all two ?
K:\<myname>\Eigene Musik\MusicBee

Many thanks for further help.

Bug Reports / Re: double-click to Auto Playlist doesn't activate it anymore
« on: December 23, 2020, 10:08:26 AM »
Excellent Steven, this fixes the issue :-) Donation on the way via paypal "2543" with a comma somewhere in between ;)

Bug Reports / Re: double-click to Auto Playlist doesn't activate it anymore
« on: December 22, 2020, 08:50:53 PM »

Please tell me once you have it so that I can remove the file.

Bug Reports / Re: double-click to Auto Playlist doesn't activate it anymore
« on: December 22, 2020, 12:53:30 PM »
I found something that might help you ...

Tried various things also a new windows user account. With a new user account and "default settings" the double click to autoplaylists works.
Assumption: so it seems to be related to my settings / customizations...

Back to my normal user account:
Simply by occasion I stumbled over "Autoplaylist Explorer", never used this before. There the double clicking works !!!

Here two screenshots:

1. With this customization auto play lists DO NOT work with a doubleclick

2. With "Autoplaylist Explorer" auto playlists work by doubleclicking to them

#2 is no solution for me, I prefer #1 because then more space for the content is left.

Bug Reports / Re: double-click to Auto Playlist doesn't activate it anymore
« on: December 22, 2020, 11:31:41 AM »
In the video you see that the music doesn't change if I simply double click to different autoplay lists.
What I see here on screen additionally is, that the music selection doesn't change at all. Same amount of files.
Because of the definition in the autoplaylist (rating and random play order) the music should change.

Then I switch over to select an autoplaylist and select play from the pulldown menue.
Now you can hear that other music is being selected and a random song is being played.
This I repeated also for some time.

Then again I switched to only double clicking and you hear again that only the same song is being played,
although the music selection should change and a random song should be played.

You see in the video when I start performing rightclick and then select play.
Then you hear that the music changes (because in the autoplaylist I defined random play order).
Then after a few successful changes I simply double clicked again and then you hear again only the same song start.

Bug Reports / Re: double-click to Auto Playlist doesn't activate it anymore
« on: December 22, 2020, 11:09:38 AM »
Here screenshots from the autoplaylist definitions:

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