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Questions / Re: MusicBee for Linux (ubuntu)
« on: August 30, 2016, 10:12:33 AM »
MusicBee works in Linux, it's just not particularly intuitive to set up. Here's a very brief explanation of how I did it:
- Install wine and winetricks
- Run winecfg to create a default .wine folder and change the Windows version to XP.
- Use winetricks to install the requirements (not sure if all are required: dotnet40, mfc42, xmllite, d3dx9, gdiplus, vcrun2008, wmp10, windowscodecs)
- Download the portable version of MusicBee + all extras (like bass_aac.dll)
- Extract to the wine C:\ drive
- Create a shortcut that executes: wine "C:\\MusicBee\\MusicBee.exe"

What can I say, except that it works? To make it look pretty, choose a suitable font - things can look a bit weird otherwise.  I have Linux and Windows computers in my house and they all use the same version of portable MusicBee. The MB library is shared between them on a NAS, along with the music files. Furthermore, my NAS monitors the location that "Export as external playlist" uses. If it finds a new file, it runs a BASH script that parses the playlist, creates a folder structure and makes hard links to music files. (Hard links take up no additional space, are created in seconds and can be safely deleted). My Android phone does a scheduled rsync when it's connected to the home wifi. So in case you didn't catch that, to get music onto my phone:  right-click the playlist and "export as an external playlist". Ass-kickery, without the cables.
Thanks a lot. Now I have a working MusicBee on my Kubuntu 16.04. But I have only one problem. I could not use global hotkeys, which was one of the biggest reasons for me to turn to MusicBee when I was on Windows.
How did you make the global hotkeys work? This seems to be the only problem for using MusicBee on Ubuntu. I am using Kubuntu and it has built-in capacity to send some hotkeys to particular windows, but it is not able to recognise the MusicBee window perhaps because it is running in Wine.

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