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I have Synology NAS and want to set up Musicbee library there and also store all my music files there.
I tried to change my library location in 'Preference' menu, but even though it shows my 'Synology' and sub-folders (such as 'Music', 'Photo', and 'Video') in my network. It cannot choose any of them. I believe I should let Musicbee know the access information to my NAS (ID and password) but I can't find such anywhere.
Could anybody help me?


Hi guys,

My last update was v2.2 years ago. And now that I have new Windows 10 system, I upgraded Musicbee with the latest version.

I managed to add existing collections which are dispersed in three different hard drives.
But now I'm having a difficulty to add up new mp3s into library.

I just want my new files added to library 'and' transferred to one of thos hard drives.

What should I do?

I thought I can just move my current library to 'that' hard drive, but it doesn't work.
It won't even allow me to change library. (error message shows up.)


Tried again with v2.4 and failed.

Back with v2.3 and it is working fine.

I think I should stick to v2.3 for the moment.

Thanks anyway.



I've been using MB for years and recently updated it to ver 2.3.
I had problem first with 'not copying to the desginated hard drive that it used to' but found this thread, follow the instruction, and the problem solved.
But, a couple days ago I upgraded my PC with newer ssd, installed Windows 7, installed MB ver 2.4.
Followed the instruction exactly that I once already did, but nothing happens. Could someone please help me?

What  I used to do and want to have now is this.

1. I always reorganize the mp3 files with Mp3tag program in a different folder.
2. Then I add those mp3 files to MB library which is located to another hard disk drive.
3. MB duplicate those files to library.
4. I erase the mp3 files in my work folder.

I have about 5TB of mp3s to add into MB library. I bought new 6TB hdds. I want these mp3s moved into new 6TB hdd and be added to MB library.
What should I do?

Thanks for reading.


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