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MusicBee Wishlist / Database export to EXCEL
« on: July 16, 2011, 12:16:40 AM »
Is there a way to save the music database to an Excel Doc that has the artist in a column album in a column, name of track, extension all in separate columns so I can sort and play around with the whole library in an Excel sheet...I know zilch about databasses but I did like that Media Monkey it had the option to export library to excel..Can we do this in Music Bee...This would be a nice feature....I will post this in the wishlist too.

I know we have the ability to rip HDCD CD's to 24 bit files but...are we gonna be able to decode the files we already have that are encoded with HDCD...I have a ton of HDCD flac files...I was wondering if this is still on the list...would very much like this in MB also
would like CD burning...I can't believe that I can't burn a CD with MB...Hmmm other that those 2 things.... Music Bee>SANSA FUZE>ROCKBOX has givin me the most reliable High quality Music experience that I have ever experienced ;D ;) :)
I was really surprised about no CD burning...Maybe i am missing something or is that one of the ways we keep our footprint small??/

I am liking this player more and more but I cant seem to figure out how to "reorganize" all the files in a folder. It only seems to move Music files and some .jpgs.Not sure what i am doing wrong..once I saw a similar question posted and Stevens answer was that it can be done but I cannot find that post again(was i dreaming?)
How is this done???Once I figure this out i can ditch Media Monkey once and for all for that is all it is used for these days....
I open Computer(from the left side navigation column) and find my folder  then I "reorganize" it to my "newest Lossless" folder but only music get the treatment all the logs and cues get left behind...I know some where I checked the option move all files in subfolders too...but these are not in subfolders they are right there with the music files... ??? ???

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