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Version 3.0.6067

Steps to Recreate:

1. Switch to Compact Player mode
2. Musicbee Menu | Customize Panel
3. Under the 'Stack' section on the right, check the box for 'Ticked elements are displayed as tabs'
4. Save
5. Go back to Musicbee Menu | Customize panel and make changes to the panel settings (e.g. adding/removing elements, changing elements from unstacked to stacked) and Save.
6. go back to Musicbee | Customize panel

Expected: Changes made in step 5 should be saved

Actual: Settings changes made in step 5 are not retained.

I'm only seeing this happen if the stack mode is set to display as tabs, if I set it to display using the selector I'm seeing my changes retained.

Also recorded video demonstration here:

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