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Questions / Syncing playcounts of short songs with
« on: April 14, 2024, 05:14:49 PM »
I really enjoy Musicbee, and so far I haven't found any real bugs. But there is one thing, that is somewhat strange.
I listen to music with my smartphone, and scrobble my music to
And so, of course, I sync my playcounts with Musicbee. Basically, everything works fine, the playcounts are synced - with one exception: if the song is too short, the playcounts in Musicbee don't match.

Like, for example: I listen to this record with 5 songs. The first 4 songs are longer, the last song is only about 29 seconds long. On the page, all this songs were counted. But after I sync with Musicbee, only the longer songs are updated. The songs below 30 seconds haven't changed the playcount. Also, the time of "last played" is changed for the long songs, but not for the short songs. It is as if musicbee doesn't recognize them, even though, they are on my account.
Is there a way to change it?

By the way, I installed a plugin that allows Musicbee to scrobble short songs - but I guess, this has no connection to syncing with

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