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Questions / Multiple Artist Albums
« on: September 14, 2018, 11:48:01 PM »
I've only recently updated to latest version. I was on an earlier version of 3 before.
Previously when I pressed on an artist on the "Sort Album Artist" vertical scroll panel it would bring up all albums asociated with that album in the main panel. Now when I do that it only brings up the solo albums.

For example, Brian Eno. In the vertical scroll panel it clearly says 16 albums, but when I click on it only the 12 solo albums come up. And when i scroll down that "Sort Album Artist" panel there sems no way to access his joint albums. Beforehand, the Album "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" would have appeared under Eno, Brian and also Byrne, David but now I can't even access that album by scrolling down that panel. What am I doing wrong?

Questions / Playlists.. can I see which ones a particular song is on?
« on: April 14, 2016, 01:19:05 PM »
I remember when I used Mediamonkey a few years back, when u clicked on song info it showed u all the different playlists the song was on. Is there a similar feature in Musicbee?

Questions / "Sort artist" & "Sort album artists" fields
« on: February 22, 2016, 10:44:40 PM »
I changed my Artist and Album Artist fields so that the description looks better on Squeezebox "Rod Stewart" instead of "Stewart, Rod".
I used the "Sort Artist" and "Sort album artist" fields with the value "Stewart, Rod" in order to keep this artist sorted under S. It now works great on Squeezebox Touch and appears in the order-

Sufjan Stevens
Rod Stewart

On MB, I've changed the Album Artist sort order on Library Explorer to  "Sort Album Artist/Year/Album" but old Rod is appearing under the R's for some reason -

Robinson, Smokey (haven't changed name order yet)
Rod Stewart
Rolling Stones

This should be pretty easy but I don't see where I'm going wrong? Anybody know a fix?

MB 2.5.5524

Firstly, it's great that Logitech Media Server just automatically picks up my musicbee playlists for playback on my Squeezebox Touch.
What a timesaver - no time wasted exporting, simply point LMS at musicbee playlist folder and it gets the m3u's
Everything works perfectly apart from one thing .... the first playlist track is always missing.
For the last couple of years I've always just popped a random track at the beginning of each playlist, but is there a way round this?

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