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Hi there, love MusicBee a whole bunch.  Today however I'm having issues with transferring tracks from my Windows PC onto my Android phone, something I've done without issues many times in the past.  I'm using right-click: send to Device, but no matter what tracks I try to transfer it now says "Copy Failed - Attempted to Access a Path that is not on the Disk", which is an error I've never seen before.

What I've done so far:
Googled/checked the forum for previous answers for this error
Un-plugged & reconnected the phone
Closed & restarted MusicBee
Updated MusicBee to latest version
Checked that neither the files I'm reading from nor the folder I'm writing to are read only
Uninstalled the Android device on my computer & let it connect afresh
Double-checked that I can copy files to the target folder manually (it worked fine, but obviously it's a lot less convenient than using MusicBee).

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

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