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Sorry for the newb question and I may be missing something really easy here but I'm a new MusicBee user coming from iTunes and looking replicate my previous work process.  With iTunes, I'd have a smart playlist that had the condition play count = 0 and limited to 1 GB.  I would then sync that playlist with my phone.  Previously I used an iPhone, but lately I was using a Pixel 4a and iSyncr, but when I got a Pixel 6a, play count syncing stopped working, which is why I'm looking for an alternative.  Then I would play music on my phone and the songs would then get a play count of >0.  I would then sync with iTunes and the songs that were played would drop off the smart playlist and new ones would get added, but the original ones that didn't get played would remain.  It would then sync back only the songs that were newly added to the smart playlist to my phone.  Rinse and repeat.  I've been using some form of the process for almost 20 years. 

With MusicBee, following that same process, after listening to music and syncing back to MusicBee, the played songs drop off the auto playlist.  If auto refresh is turned off, the songs drop off and the remaining songs in the playlist stay the same, but now I have less songs in the playlist.  If I kept doing that, eventually I'd have no songs left in the auto playlist or my phone, which obviously isn't what I want.  If I refresh the auto playlist or auto refresh is turned out, all the songs get replaced in the auto playlist and if I sync with my phone, it replaces all the songs on my phone, which isn't the end of the world I suppose, but it seems unnecessary to replace all of them, when I want to replace is the played songs.

So after this long winded post, is there anyway to only sync back only new unplayed songs from the auto playlist?

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