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Hi - I'm using 3.4.8033.  Although I have used Musicbee as a player for a long time, I have only recently tried using it to sync to my Android phone (I have used it to sync to an ipod successfully for quite a while).

I deleted all music from my phone and synced.  Now I'm trying to re-sync having ripped a couple of new albums and added them to the library on my server (accessed as a Windows share by Musicbee).

There is 61 GB of MP3s on the phone already.  The sync preview however says that it wants to delete a bunch of files and copy 39.2 GB to the phone whilst only increasing the total used space by 407MB.   

I'm trying to figure out why it might want to delete and copy these files.  My guess is that there is some attribute which it detects as different.  I have not manually changed any of the files, but on my server, the files are in a Synology Audiostation library and Plex also maintains a library of them. 

I've previously had issues where things like folder.jpg have changed size, but this is not that as it's the actual mp3 files.

If I can understand what Musicbee sees different, I can try to stop those things being changed perhaps. 


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