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General Discussions / Volume analasys setting replay gain to -10?
« on: June 02, 2022, 10:09:08 PM »
After running Volume analyses i noticed that my files got noticeably quieter. I checked the built in potentiometer set to Peak Volume and it confirmed my observation - tracks that used to go all the way up to 0, now got just to -10 or so.

I chose to play with it. First i tested it with MusicScope (it's troubling for me to attach screenshots so i'll do my best to explain)
TPL    +1.2 for both channels
RMS    -8.3 and -7.8
CREST 8.0 and
PLR      7.3

From now on i rely on visual indicator
When i play it in musibee with no volume analysis/original volume, HIGHEST PEAK VOLUME goes up to 0.
After running volume analysis to 0db, it reaches somewhere halfway from -20 to -10. I estimate around -14 db.
After running volume analysis to +6db, it goes just over -10db.
After running volume analysis to -9db, to around -23db.

I want all my tracks to have their TPL at -0.1db
What can i do?

PS. It's my first post here, please be gentle

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