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I recently imported my iTunes library to Musicbee (past iTunes/iSyncr/RocketPlayer user). Loving my MusicBee/PowerAmp experience thus far.

When I imported iTunes library, it appears to store ratings as part of the library, and not in the files themselves. Is there a batch process I can run that takes those ratings and puts them into the files themselves? I have the checkbox to store the ratings in the files (assuming for future tag saves), but I'm looking to see what I can do with existing library entries.

Bonus question -- it seems to have brought in iTunes "guessed/estimated" album rating into the MB library, which I don't want/need.  Is there a way to remove those album ratings without impacting the files themselves (since album ratings are currently not saved into file)?

Thanks all! I hated that it took JRT Studio getting sold to make me move to MusicBee (I loved supporting them even while 'putting up' with iTunes). However, Musicbee has been a incredible experience with a great community and a great developer.

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