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MusicBee Wishlist / iTunes specific tags
« on: August 10, 2022, 09:16:08 PM »
@Steven Hey, I'm having issues with the COPYRIGHT (cprt) iTunes tag. Looks like MusicBee confuses it with the default COPYRIGHT tag, not recognizing it and/or overlapping it (It happened a few months ago with the ITUNESADVISORY tag too, but you fixed it).

Also, the iTunes tags AKID, ATID, CNID, GEID, PLID, etc.. appear blank in MusicBee (Mp3Tag reads them correctly).

It would be great if MusicBee reads those tags too  8)

There are other tricky iTunes specific tags, like the "mode" atom contained in the iTunes Store purchased m4a files (this one specifies whether a file is an Apple Digital Masters or not) or the purchaser "name" atom, etc.

Questions / Fonts and grouping configurations
« on: June 18, 2022, 11:58:33 AM »
Hey! I'm trying to tweak the Album Covers view, but I can't figure out how to do these changes:

By the way, is it also possible to set the vertical align of the fonts? I have virtual tags which use different font sizes in the same tag and sometimes the smallest one show at the top, others at the center, others at the bottom...

I also would like to change the default font of the track details rows, since I don't want to create a lot of virtual tags just to change the font  ;D

Questions / TIFF support for artworks
« on: June 08, 2022, 10:22:39 PM »
Is it possible to add TIFF images as artworks?

Questions / Tags not working well
« on: June 05, 2022, 02:59:46 PM »
Hi, I started using MusicBee and I have this problem  :'(

These are .m4a files purchased from iTunes Store. They all contain the ITUNESADVISORY tag (with three possible values: 0, 1 or 2).

The rtng tag is what I'm trying to show in the custom tag ITUNESADVISORY:

But as you can see in the first screenshot it shows empty. Instead, the rtng tag is showing in the default Rating tag.

As you can see the files with a rtng value of 1 show a star and the songs with a rtng value of 0 show a bomb.

That's wrong, I think Musicbee is confusing RATE with RATING. How can I solve this?

Questions / iTunes Store .m4a files tags
« on: May 13, 2022, 11:30:06 PM »
Hi, I want to add a column showing certaing tags from purchased iTunes Store music. (.m4a files).

For example, I'm trying to add the "ITUNESADVISORY/rtng/contentrating" to show the explicit/clean tag next to the title.

I tried everything explained in this thread, but it doesn't work, neither in the Edit track window or in the column view.

I would also like to add other tags like the purchaser name, email, the "Mastered for iTunes" tag, etc...

How can I achieve this? I'm using MusicBee 3.4.8033.

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