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Questions / Problem switching to Theatre Mode on playback
« on: April 27, 2022, 06:35:57 PM »
I want to permanently set the MusicBee player to switch to Theatre Mode on playback, but it only works occasionally.  Most of the time when I begin to play something it won’t switch to Theatre Mode. 

It will switch the first time I begin to play an album after opening the application.  If I then stop playing that album and choose a different one, or the same one again, it won’t switch to Theatre Mode on playback. 

If I close and re-open MusicBee and select something to play, again it will switch to Theatre Mode successfully.  But if then select a different album and play it,  it doesn’t then switch to Theatre Mode. 

So if I want to change the music I’m playing and want to have the player switch to Theatre Mode on playback, I have to close MusicBee, re-open it and then play the album I want to play.

This is the case no matter which of the included Theatre Mode views I select.  It also occurs if I use a downloaded Theatre Mode style.

The problem only seems to apply to Theatre Mode.  If I set the application to switch to the Compact Player or Mini Player on playback, it works fine.

I am using MusicBee Portable and have version 3.4.8033 P

Any idea what could be causing this problem?  Or is this how it’s meant to behave?

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