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Questions / Playlist Filter for Banned Songs?
« on: April 24, 2022, 08:22:31 PM »
I've been messing around with this app for a bit and am really impressed with the customizability. I've got a number of questions, but I'll try and trickle them in so I'm not flooding the forums with them.

My music library contains almost 12000 songs, which is far more than I could realistically sync to my phone. I'm trying to make a singular playlist I can sync that contains only the songs I actually listen to. I'm switching over from iTunes, and it had a feature where "Unchecked" songs would not sync to your device. It seems like the "Full ban" option in the song Settings would fulfill the same purpose, but I've found all of those songs still sync over. It would be really convenient to not have to make a custom tag to mark banned songs, which is why I was going with the playlist idea.

Basically: Is there a filter for songs that have been marked as "Full ban" that I can use for playlists? (And for highlighting, while I'm at it.) I've gone through the list multiple times but I suppose it's possible it's in there by a different name.

If there's not, I suppose this is a feature request
> Prevent "Full ban" songs from syncing to device or
> Add "Full ban" filter for playlists and highlights
Or both idk


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