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From the Search Results node, I selected nearly 20 consecutive rows, pressed DEL, and chose to remove only from library, but to keep on disk.

When I sort the file by my CD accession number, those rows don't appear in sequence, so I conclude that they were successfully deleted.

When I search for the CD accession number, MusicBee still displays all those rows. Moreover, it can play them! However, I couldn't edit tags: there was no objection, but my changes were not displayed.

Why should it work this way? It is very inconsistent. After rows were removed, search should not find them.

I would expect that I could search for the deleted items and MusicBee would tell me that it couldn't find them.

MusicBee 3.4.7805 P
Portable install (maybe the P means portable install)
Installed last week.
Windows 10

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