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Questions / Sort SPECIFIC Album Alphabetically
« on: November 06, 2021, 07:08:54 AM »
EDIT: SOLVED! Check my most recent reply

I've seen a few similar threads when researching before posting, but none of them were exactly the same as my current issue.

I have a pretty large music collection, which includes many unreleased songs from artists I enjoy. I create an 'unreleased' folder for said artists, and since I don't like to leave any tags blank, I tag all unreleased songs as track #1. Everything imports into MusicBee perfectly fine; however, I want the 'unreleased' albums (it's more than okay if I need to go manually fix EACH album) to be sorted ALPHABETICALLY. Currently, they are in some random order, possibly the order they were added to the music library, I'm not sure. It tries to sort by track # just like it does the rest of my albums, but they are all track #1 because of my personal non-legitimate OCD of hating when a file's tag is blank.

Tl;dr: Can I sort SPECIFIC albums in a SPECIFIC manner (alphabetical) and OVERRIDE the current 'sort by track #' default? Or, as my friend suggested, do I gotta get rid of the track #1 tags and deal with having no track numbers?

Here is a screenshot of how things look currently:

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