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I have a right sidebar with the tag editor, track information and lyrics.
When I show this using the small icon on the bottom right, it appears as it should.
When I set it to auto-hide and I open it by moving my mouse cursor to the right, I miss the title bars for the top two items and I see a partial picture at the bottom. (there shouldn't be any picture there)

Using MusicBee 3.4.7805 on Win10
Correct display:
Incorrect display:

Bug Reports / Field not colored correctly in the track information panel
« on: October 15, 2021, 04:13:16 AM »

I have a right sidebar with the track information. In it, I display the name of the artist in blue.
But when the artist field has multiple artists, only the first one is colored blue. the rest is white.
Important to know is this only happens when I use a virtual tag to select the artists name.
The formula for my virtual tag is $If(<Composer>!="",<Composer>,<Artist>).
If I put the artist field or even the formula directly in the panel settings, It works correctly.
So I see
and it should be

(I tried to embed the pictures, but was unable to get a correct link. Or at least I didn't see anything in the preview window.)

Using MusicBee 3.4.7805 on Win10

Currently it seems MusicBee doesn't allow you to use other functions or tags as second or third parameter to (some) others function.
$left(<Album>,$len(<Album Artist>)) results in a FAIL @ " Artist>)).
$RxMatch(<Album>,"^"<Album Artist>) also results in a FAIL @ "m Artist>.
$RxMatch(<Album>,"^<Album Artist>") never gives a match
$RxReplace(<Album>,^<Album Artist>,"TEST") seems to match everything
It would be nice if constructs like these were possible.

Bug Reports / Template editor disappearing when MusicBee loses focus
« on: October 09, 2021, 04:13:07 AM »
I don't know if this is by design but I notice that when I create a virtual tag and open the template editor, it disappears when MusicBee loses focus.
It seems it doesn't happen if the content has changed. Then it remains.
I use MusicBee v3.4.7805 on Win10

Questions / Help needed with the virtual tag functions
« on: October 07, 2021, 06:17:26 PM »

I'm trying to create a virtual tag that combines the album artist with the album name (for reorganizing my files). But sometimes the name of the artist is already in the album name (e.g. 'Shania Twain - Greatest hits') and in that case I don't want to repeat the name. So I've been trying to create a tag that checks if the name of the album starts with the name in the 'album artist' field.
So at first I tried $left(<Album>,$len(<Album Artist>)) but that resulted in a FAIL @ " Artist>)).
After some testing I came to the conclusion that the $left function doesn't accept another function as second parameter.
So I tried with $RxMatch(<Album>,"^<Album Artist>") but that never gave a match. And when I try $RxMatch(<Album>,"^"<Album Artist>) I get another FAIL @ "m Artist>.
And if I do a $RxReplace(<Album>,^<Album Artist>,"MATCH") (just to test), it adds 'MATCH' in front of every title so it seams to match everything.
So now I'm wondering: Am I doing something wrong or does MusicBee just doesn't accept other functions or fields for the second, third... parameter?
If so, are there any plans to change that?
In the mean time, does somebody know a workaround. Basically I want
'Shania Twain' + 'Shania Twain - Greatest hits' to give ''Shania Twain - Greatest hits'
'Bryan Adams' + 'The best of me' to give 'Bryan Adams - The best of me'

Is there somewhere where I can find a complete list of functions? I've found this page on the forum but it is a little outdated and in MusicBee itself there also seem functions to be missing from the dropdown (e.g. $and and $or)
Any help is appreciated.

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