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MusicBee Wishlist / Auto-import of playlists
« on: August 23, 2021, 11:52:12 AM »
May I drop an idea for another feature?

Similar to the monitoring of music files in specified folders and auto-update of the music libraries (library settings), if such a monitored folder contains playlist files (e.g. m3u), MusicBee could trigger an auto-import of these playlists. That may not need to be a separate feature, but done in parallel to an update of the music library. A simple checkbox „include playlists“ in the library monitoring / update settings could allow for a switch to turn that function on or off as per a user’s preference.

I imagine this to be useful if external playlists are used (e.g. when MusicBee is used on multiple devices, which are supposed to use the same, synchronized playlists) and are modified more regularly.

I might have stumbled across a strange behavior of MusicBee with the VST Effects Support Plugin in combination with FabFilter Saturn 2 Plugin.

When my FabFilter plugin Saturn 2 is deactivated via the Equaliser and DSP settings, MusicBee would start with about 40 MB of Memory usage. The RAM usage stays mostly stable during playback of various tracks. When activitating the FabFilter Saturn 2 plugin, the memory usage initially jumps up to e.g. 100 MB. So far so good. However, when I now start to play tracks the memory usage constantly increases. When pausing the playback, the occupied memory freezes at this level, until playback continues. Then MusicBee continues to occupy memory. When stopping the track, e.g. with 150 MB at use, the used memory falls back to e.g. 120 MB, but as soon as I hit the play button again, the used RAM jumps immediately up again to 150 MB (or whatever the value was before hitting the pause button) und continues to increase. The increase of the used memory would continue until about 1.5 GB and MusicBee would crash with an out of memory error.

Interestingly when stopping the playback after a while with active FabFilter plugin and then deactivating the FabFilter plugin, the used memory drops partly but not to its initial value. As an example: 40 MB of memory usage when starting MusicBee without plugin. 100 MB when activating FabFilter plugin Saturn 2, so a raise by 60 MB. Now playing tracks with active FabFilter plugin until used memory reaches 200 MB, so another increase by 100 MB. When stopping playback at this point and deactivating the FabFilter plugin, the memory used drops to 140 MB and would stay stable when playing tracks without FabFilter plugin. So it seems that MusicBee would not free up the memory gradually occupied during playback with the FabFilter plugin.

Might this be a potential bug in the VST Effects Support plugin for MusicBee?

I'm aware of the procedure described in this forum of how to make MusicBee work with up to 4 GB of RAM. However, that would just ease the symptoms / delay the out of memory error and not fix the problem, wouldn't it?

Next to FabFilter Saturn 2 I also use their parametric EQ plugin Pro-Q 3, which does not show this strange behavior of increasing memory usage.

I'm already in contact with FabFilter, however it seems that this behavior of their Saturn 2 plugin can't be reproduced with other VST hosts.

Many thanks in advance. Any help would be much appreciated.

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