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Bug Reports / Slight zoom in in main covers (Covers view)
« on: March 20, 2024, 11:30:38 PM »
In Covers view, when tracks are shown directly under the selected album and the primary cover is shown to the left of them, said cover gets slightly zoomed. This doesn't happen with alternate covers.

I've made a recording in which I added a red border to a cover, and placed copies of it as Cover 1 (Primary) and Cover 3. Both covers are identical yet you only see the red border with Cover 3:

I know this is a very minor thing but I think both primary and alternate covers should be displayed in the same way, without the zoom in. Also I've tried this with a few other skins and the problem persisted.

I'm using version 3.6.8843


The Album Covers view has the option to separate releases into groups and sub-groups in the main panel. The Artists view has a very similar layout, but only has the option to group artists by the first letter. My request is for the Artists view to work in a similar way to the Covers view, allowing you to use any tags to define groups and sub-groups of artists.

Here's a quick mock-up of a custom view that'd be possible with this feature. Subgroups could be used to further divide artists by state/city.

Bug Reports / Bing artwork search doesn't retrieve the right image
« on: March 10, 2024, 07:54:44 PM »
When searching for artwork and opening the Bing search window, clicking in an image doesn't retrieve the image you clicked, but the one next to it.

Here's a video showing the issue:

I'm using Version 3.5.8698

Basically what the title says, here's a video showing the issue:

It seems like most of the time the alternate covers get "stuck into place" after scrolling, if you scroll back they're clickable once again.

I've tried to do the same using a couple of other default skins and the issue persists

I'm using Version 3.5.8698

Currently you can group albums to show them like this:

My request is to add line breaks after each group (Release types, in my example), here's a mock-up:

This could also be useful to make tier lists, like in this other mock-up:

Questions / Allow multiple checkboxes to be selected in Filter Buttons
« on: September 28, 2021, 07:58:45 PM »
There's a very great and useful feature that I recently started using, Toolbar Filter Buttons. For those who don't know what these are (as I haven't seen this discussed much at all), below this post I've added some screenshots showing how I've set them up.

Currently these buttons only allow 1 checkbox to be selected at a time. My suggestion is to allow multiple checkboxes to be selected, to allow the filters to show tracks with both 4 and 5 stars, for instance.


I'm a person that adds and edits tags in a daily basis while listening to music. However both the window size and font size in the Tag Editor are hard to read for me because of their fixed size, and editing lyrics in particular is difficult to do.

Would it be possible for these two things to be customizable? Having both a larger Tag Editor Window and larger font on said window would make MusicBee easier to use for me.

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