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General Discussions / Album Art has all changed to one image
« on: February 23, 2021, 03:41:25 PM »
I have spend many hours messing around with my album art to make it just right. This morning I was moving some of my songs from one playlist to another and when I did all of the art changed to a single image for another one of my songs. It's all very confusing. I noticed that if I edited albums, one by one, that each track now has two album arts. I was deleting the new art by hand, but occasionally MusicBee was freezing up. I kept closing and reopening it when that happened. Once it wasn't responding so I closed it with Task Manager. When I did some of the files I had fixed changed back. It said I should so I library scan to update those files so I did. After I did the scan every single file in my library got the same art. What in the world is going on?

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