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Hi! I think I hit a case in MusicBee that was probably not tested for. 😬

Basically, I've been banging my head as to why my embedded cover arts weren't embedding in flac files and instead ending up corrupted in MusicBee.

After searching online, it looks like ID3 has a limit for the album cover tags, which is fine.
But it would be appreciated if MusicBee could warn when a picture goes outside of the limits. Better yet would be it preventing from embedding them and instead offer the other copy options (and of course telling why it's not allowing to embed them in the file).

Here's what I was dealing with on MusicBee to come accross that case :

In the screen recording, it just says that it has successfully updated the files, which isn't false indeed. But that was the only feedback I was getting outside the « A picture is corrupted[..] » error happening after the fact. So, it wasn't obvious to know what was happening.

It's maybe a bit of an edge case but with newer releases on digital stores coming with very high quality cover art files more often than before, it's probably gonna happen to others at some point. 😅

Thank you for reading me!

Good day to everyone reading this! Thank you for your time here. 😁
I want to thank Steve and all other contributors of this application. So far, it's the best solution I have found and I recommended it to a few friends right after starting to build my music library. 💛
Although, while I'm doing just that, I started to get a hard time with music compilations and I'd like to have some help with how to manage them. 😅

The situation I'm facing right now :
I have a bunch of compilations that are not showing properly in the music explorer or at least how I was expecting them to be displayed and handled.

Here's an example:
I have multiple music by Pegboard Nerds. Let's say one original (« Deep in the night ») with its own Single Release album, three remixes by three different artists inside their own remixes compilation (« Deep in the night - The Remixes ») and two tracks from a music label compilation (« Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 8 »).
If I simply tag the tracks like I would have expected where the Album artist are « Snails & Pegboard Nerds » for the Deep In The Night stuff and « Monstercat » for the Uncaged stuff, the first two albums get moved to the « Snails & Pegboard Nerds » artist page and the last one to the « Monstercat » artist page.
I'm content of the Monstercat one as it enables me to find every compilations Monstercat made in one place (Great!).
Although, the « Snails & Pegboard Nerds » was indeed off. (Example)
But, even if my search through the forum didn't give me much helpful info (I probably don't know the right terms to look for. 😄), I learned through a forum message by psychoadept that using the same seperator (« ; ») than with genres enabled me to specify two seperate artists in the Album Artist field. So, that's corrected even though it will make it display weirdly on any device that I'm gonna sync the files to. (Example of how it is now after this detail)
Now, where the difficulty starts is when I start to add other artists in the artist tags.
It's excellent in the sense that it enables me for example to get everything that MUZZ made and without having the other songs that were in the remixes (that MUZZ didn't touch at all) thrown in there with it. (Example)
Although, it creates duplicates of the album with only a single track inside each of them. 🤨 (Example)
This gets even worse if I add the Uncaged compilation to the mix. 😬 (Example from the Pegboard Nerds page and Example from the Monstercat page)

So, my question is : How can I tag everything so that the albums stay consolidated but when I go in the music explorer and say I click on Pegboard Nerds because I want to listen to everything that they made, I get shown all the albums they're in and it only shows me the tracks they are involved in? I really need to figure this out first before continuing to move everything to MusicBee since it's gonna become ugly really fast. 😅
Bare in mind I already have the Track Artist tagged properly with the Artist, Guest Artist and Remixer Artist fields set up on all of my songs. It's pretty much required for me to fill that properly for use in Tractor. Otherwise, it'll be through Tractor that I'll get these details filled in anyway. But yeah. Maybe this will be helpful to achieve what I was expecting to happen on the app?
I also understand how it can be desirable for people to not have their artists view polluted by all the artists they don't care about that were in the compilations they imported. But, I'm willing to trade that for what I'm trying to get. 😝

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