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Bug Reports / Snap, Restart, Position Not Remembered
« on: April 18, 2017, 05:01:33 AM »
I often snap Musicbee to the side of my screen to make it take up half of the monitor. If I close the program and reopen it, it will now be almost fullscreen instead of remembering the previous window size.
 If I just resize the window instead of snapping it the problem doesn't occur and the window size and position will be remembered upon restart.
Windows 10
MusicBee 3.1.6275

Questions / Empty Space Next to Progress Bar Cutting off Titles
« on: April 18, 2017, 04:55:02 AM »
Wasn't sure whether this is a bug or question...

I switch between using MusicBee as full screen or snapped to half the screen fairly often. When docked to half the screen the song titles are almost always cut off by the amount of empty space between the progress bar and the equalizer button. Can this empty space be reduced or be a function of window size somehow?

Also, I used to have a Last.FM scrobbling indicator next to the shuffle button that seems to have disappeared...

Here is what my top panel looks like full screen:

And when snapped to the side:

Bug Reports / MusicBee 3 Taskbar Icon
« on: February 27, 2016, 02:56:10 AM »
I just noticed that the tray icon no longer matches the taskbar icon for me in MusicBee 3. I like the bee with the music note a lot better than the round one, so changed it under settings, but the default one is still in the tray.

Here's a screenshot:

Bug Reports / Now Playing List shows wrong track as playing.
« on: January 25, 2016, 04:19:52 AM »
I was playing a track and dragged it into the first spot of the Now Playing List and the playing icon showed up on the wrong song. I wasn't able to repeat this yet, but it was a strange behavior.

This is on MusicBee 3.0.5864

Questions / MusicBee 3 Bottom Panel
« on: January 22, 2016, 06:42:18 PM »
I was excited to see the release of MusicBee 3, so I installed it, I just have one issue.

Is it no longer possible to have artist information show up in the bottom panel? I like having the Now Playing List and lyrics on the right and all of the song information/Wikipeida/ plugins on the bottom as shown in this screen shot:

I also just noticed in my screenshow that I have 2 Stats tabs, not sure how that happened...

MusicBee Wishlist / Multiple Artists Last.FM
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:56:20 PM »
Recently I've been using MusicBee's multiple artists feature to change the tags in my music. Whereas before I had Artist - Title (feat. Artist 2), I now use Artist; Artist 2 - Title. This works great within MusicBee, but has issues when syncing to Last.FM. For Last.FM it should only take the first artist name because Last.FM doesn't support this.

Questions / Browser Address Bar
« on: December 03, 2014, 08:00:31 AM »

I have really simple question. I have been looking around and can't seem to find an answer. Whenever I opened a new tab in MusicBee I used to get an address bar where I could type in a web page, but I can no longer find this and can't figure out how to use the internal browser. Here's what that area of my player looks like:


MusicBee Wishlist / Sync Random from Playlist
« on: September 05, 2014, 06:56:43 AM »
Would it be possible to add a feature to change the behavior of the auto synching from a playlist such that it will synch random songs from the playlist until the device is full?

For example I have a device with 8GB of space for music. I have a playlist with 11GB of music. I would like sync random songs from this playlist until my device is full, not sync them in order.

MusicBee Wishlist / Locate Missing Files by Folder
« on: January 01, 2014, 09:32:48 PM »
I have sometimes renamed a folder containing an album when I realized that it was named incorrectly (containing a typo, etc), when Musicbee starts it will see that these files don't exist anymore, but there is no simple way to tell it to look in the new folder. Instead I have to locate the tracks one by one or delete them and readd the files, hoping I don't lose information. Is there or could there be a way to just locate the new folder containing all the tracks?

I recently added an album to my library that had a separate album artwork image for each track embedded in the file. There was an image for the entire album too that I put as the folder.jpg in the album's folder. In the Artwork and Track Details view the artwork for the first song on the album is shown. I think when there are multiple artworks in an album it should show the folder.jpg here instead. Maybe this is already possible or there is a workaround, but I couldn't find one.

Portable Devices / MusicBee Error Syncing to Android
« on: July 02, 2013, 08:34:09 AM »
I saw MusicBee got stuck wehn syncing to my phone, I think because I enabled USB debugging half way through. When I stopped it MusicBee froze and after a minute gave me this error:

"MusicBee v2.1.4923.31203 (Win6.2), 2 Jul 2013 0:29:

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.
   at PortableDeviceApiLib.IPortableDeviceProperties.GetValues(String pszObjectID, IPortableDeviceKeyCollection pKeys, IPortableDeviceValues& ppValues)
   at #=qyHyIcdMs5_xvfaXX$qIqggKV2OroRSDpMVCvXn0EEByNg5GEz5m2W6kWTJ6hJQRb.#=qRaRwOjusdbPhqo4n955HMg==(IPortableDeviceProperties #=qpexwKQG8DwBswPTCow49JXiHCfOrXWn2YMv8kLwxXqA=, String #=qJmsPCY3AF6INAlphc20$Hw==)
   at #=qyHyIcdMs5_xvfaXX$qIqggKV2OroRSDpMVCvXn0EEByNg5GEz5m2W6kWTJ6hJQRb.#=qprbalRN5cvWVj5HEwugHxQ==(String #=qNcEBS30IZO5Is06zJKagRA==)
   at #=qyHyIcdMs5_xvfaXX$qIqggKV2OroRSDpMVCvXn0EEByNg5GEz5m2W6kWTJ6hJQRb.#=qrhgmPXiCxEdDQPrtimlCULU6b0QjW1abpqHgK_HqjE4=()
   at #=q$LWumBngfpazbaNk0bkpscQ2ShtuBCxVCnEjIcAe5oo=.#=q5BNGTRvupotAW9$5R9yiBQ==(Dictionary`2 #=qr_kYb4jSapMY29PP19kgkkRLVTFuQoKWcdmIEGUhHeU=, List`1 #=qJqZtTZFSVYwPZrxlGf7VB_dJFtUvauluDvL$PRLcq5U=, Object #=qB5lFmHKksDyj5PBXZjPgIb2r2UEuOwCh4VJO9CH7UTw=)
   at #=q$LWumBngfpazbaNk0bkpscQ2ShtuBCxVCnEjIcAe5oo=.#=qEE_Pg2dGA3OwntJU2SHeUg==(Object #=qtlktAI2qVj$5tqe8CjYxhsF9Zw4j5zlUkwhFhY0eqUs=)
   at #=qdw_DNoFNLKArE_atiupn4H1ZqnXZBAs$hN48oFCqGyU=.#=qYhRxJC_k9LKtwiUiMlyCrz7eMTUvfHH97uy0krG$r0A=(Object #=qxOB_2RlKANYhW4e1uP4dZQ==)"

Just thought I would report the bug. First time I've ever had one as a long time user.

MusicBee Wishlist / Lyrics Scrolling (Non Synced) and Batch Gathering
« on: September 07, 2012, 03:59:06 AM »

I recently switched from Songbird to MusicBee and love it! It's a great program.
However there are only two features I miss.
The first and simpler one:
I think it would be great if the lyrics scrolled as the song plays. I know this is implemented with synchronized lyrics, but none of my songs have these.
Instead I propose something similar to how MLyrics for Songbird handles this. It waits until a bit (I think 10%) of the song has finished playing and then begins slowly scrolling down in time with the music by knowing song length and basing the scrolling speed off of this.

Another great feature I enjoyed in MLyrics was batch gathering of lyrics. I would select a group of songs and it would search for lyrics for all of them from many sites. This feature is very cool, but I doubt you have the time to implement it and I don't consider it as necessary. (Right now I just add the lyrics in Songbird then come back to MusicBee to enjoy my music.)

Thank you for making an awesome program!

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