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Bug Reports / Auto Playlist not keeping the conditions
« on: October 10, 2020, 11:29:43 AM »
I have auto playlists that select tracks by date added.
I reinstalled my pc and musicbee and now for some autoplaylists, the settings are not persistent.
I open the playlist, and the lower bound condition for "date added - is after" is empty. If I enter the date and save the playlist, nothing happens and the next time I open to edit the playlist, the field is again empty.

Help would be appreciated. I run Musicbee 3.4.7586 on win 10

Bug Reports / Genre Tag not read correctly in MB V3.0.5909
« on: March 09, 2016, 06:35:35 PM »
MB V3.0.5909

If the new sidebar with the thumbnails is set to Genre, MB seems not to read all tags correctly. It shows 261 albums with genre  [empty] when there are actually none with an empty tag (see screenshot)

Questions / Messed up Library file path references
« on: April 13, 2015, 10:43:09 PM »

I've been using MB for quite a while and am really convinced that it's among the best music organization softwares out there.

Alas, I recently messed up my library references somehow (I assume because I was referencing the same mlb file from two different installations, which is quite a bad idea with most softwares - I should have known). Here's my problem:

My files are neatly organized by MB with the following pattern A:
O:\Music\Library\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Artist>-<Disc-Track#>-<Title>

However, the references in the MB library are to files at (pattern B)
O:\Music\Library\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Artist> - <Disc-Track#> <Title>

Now, whenever I click on one of the songs I get the message that MB can't locate it (makes sense, right?) and if I wanted to locate it manually. When I do that, I loose the information about play count and date added, which are both tags that I use to generate auto-playlists (i.e. I really don't want to lose them, especially the play counts).

I tried reorganizing files with MB, but since it can't find the source file at location B, it generates an error and does nothing.

So basically, what I want to do is to change the references in the library file to the location where the files actually are. Does anyone have a solution to that problem? Preferably in a batch as there are about 17k files to be remapped.

Thanks for any help or pointers!

Cheerio, Felix

Portable Devices / Scrambled device name --> sync failed
« on: September 20, 2012, 02:22:21 PM »
Hi Guys

I use MB with a Cowon J3 player in MTP mode. Often when i sync my device, at some point the sync goes wrong and the name of the internal storage of the J3 is scrambled (which is also the reason why the sync goes wrong, it cant find the path specified in the settings and copying thus fails). The only way to fix it that i found up to now is to unplug the J3 and reconnect - the internal storage has again its normal name and syncing can be tried again. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a way to avoid it?


MusicBee Wishlist / Sync by Tag
« on: August 18, 2012, 09:16:11 AM »
It would be great if you could not only sync either your whole library or a selection of playlists to your device, but also by some tag like genre, artist, album. also, it would be nice to have storable sync profiles, so that you dont always have to click through all the folders if you want to switch between two devices (eg internal & extrenal storage of a portable music player) that are not supposed to have the same sync list.

Hi guys!
I just started with MB and so far I love it! =) Anyways, I have an issue with my cowon j3 player +32GB microSD extension...
I want to sync parts of my library to both the internal and the external storage, yet i cannot define what to sync on which memory. I can choose the root directory alright and define what is to be synced on this part of the memory, but, as i dont want to sync the same playlists etc on the other part, it is not possible to define kind of a profile defining what to sync where.
Ideally  MB would automatically switch the root directory when the first one is full and just go on syncing, but Ive not seen any program do that.
Is there a solution to this problem or do i have to tick the playlists i want to sync every time i switch between external and internal storage?

cheers geldi2002

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