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Hi all !

I am totally new on music bee, and I was wondering if it was possible while renaming files on music bee to rename at the same time the original file on my computer !?

My problem is that I renamed some music files manually but when I copied them on my phone, they all had the name of the original file instead of the name I gave them on music bee ... Annoying !

Thanks for your help !

Questions / How can I sync my music on my phone ?
« on: June 26, 2019, 10:24:47 PM »
Hi all !

I was looking for a way to sync my music on my phone (the way itunes works for example), I found that musicbee could do that but I didn't get how !..

If I understood right we can download MusicBee Wifi Sync on the play store but I am not using Android but an other system called /e/ ( On the aurora store I use to download Android's app I can't find any musicbee wifi sync...

Could you give me some help ? I am stuck !
Thanks !

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