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I've moved my library from Itunes to Musicbee however when I look at the track totals at the bottom footer,  Itunes total number is 7 more than Musicbee.  I have a large collection I can't check manually so does anybody have a good workaround to figure out which 7 songs are missing so I can get the numbers the same. Thanks in advance for any tips.

Questions / Fixing Incorrect Artist/Soundtrack Photos
« on: July 01, 2021, 01:11:05 AM »
I love Musicbee, it's the best music app for music collectors.  Anyways one thing that has been driving me crazy is that artist pictures change into movie pictures based on album names. Example below Santana Supernatural, comes up with some random black and white picture likely from old movie Supernatural, which I didn't even have in my collection. It pulls from a search engine I guess even though I have that setting turned off.

I've tried using the artwork tool, tried clearing out cache, but this always to seem to happen with some albums of mine.

As a workaround I just put a "." after the album title which fixes it but I don't want albums displaying this period, due to my OCD :)

I'm assuming this is a bug, but if anybody has suggestions or workarounds, please let me know.  Or if it is something happening to others maybe can get fixed in a future release?

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