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TheaterMode / Theater mode Customization
« on: April 07, 2019, 02:09:45 AM »
Howdy all.
If you give me enough rope I'll hang myself  LOL
Anytime I can easily code and "skin" a good program I'm there.
So I'm working on a clean but feature laden TM customization.

I Finally figured out how to run a local slideshow with Mbee.
And dunno if it's a fluke or not, but I removed the "tag" code and it finally worked and runs great.
Landscapes2 folder in the SharedArtwork folder.

<settings backgroundImage="Default Landscape.jpg" />
<settings rotationFolder="Landscapes2" />
<!--  <settings rotationPeriod="10" /> -->
<settings rotationPeriod="EndOfTrack" />
<!-- TAG "Landscape" was removed from the next line and all finally worked -->
<element type="Gallery" x="1" y="1" widthDock="Panel" width="-2" heightDock="Panel" height="-2" aspectRatio="zoomstretch" interval="60" ></element>

Now that I got that working, is there ANY way to "fade/Crossfade" A/B fade the images? I have them change at the end of a track so it's not AS jarring, but the quick cut of images isn't the best.

Secondly... I have implemented the "time" element in my "skin"
Are there any parameters that I can use. I.E. 24hour, Seconds?

Thirdly... Can type use the alpha? I can't seem to get a transparent Font?

And lastly.... The Playerbar..... What other "extras" can be used, and can there be more than one "extras"?

Thanks for any help.


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