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Questions / Rescan location tag
« on: August 02, 2022, 11:21:10 PM »
Is there any way to re-scan the location tag in the file properties in a case sensitive way?

Why do I need this?
I currently installed Plex on my NAS and want to synchronize my MusicBee playlists with Plex. This worked like a charm, however, there are issues with case sensitivity.
Let me describe my problem:
Windows is case-insensitive and stores the artist "Sido" in the same folder as "sido". However, MusicBee seems to save the location tag that it uses to export playlists based on the ID3 tags. So basically, it refers to a folder called "Sido", but the folder is "sido". In Windows, this is no issue; however, Plex is case sensitive and does not find the file stored in the "sido" folder, if the location says "Sido". So I need a way to read the location tags in a case sensitivity way.
Of course, re-tagging all the files would be an option, but maybe there is a more convenient option that will not cost me "hours" of work. Synchronizing the tags and rescanning all files did not work. :(
Of course, I am also happy if you can tell me how I can tell Plex to be case insensitive.

Bug Reports / Some minor playlist issues with MusicBee 3.5.8150
« on: June 19, 2022, 11:21:28 PM »
I have encountered some minor issues using MusicBee 3.5.8150 on Windows 11.

In previous versions, the position in the playlist was saved when I was switching between playlists. So when I was at the bottom of Playlist A, switched to Playlist B, and then went back to Playlist A, I was still at the bottom of Playlist A, which was very convenient for longer playlists.
However, in the newest version, the playlist position does not seem to be saved because if I switch between playlists, I am back at the top of the playlist when I switch from Playlist A (bottom) to Playlist B to Playlist A (back on top, but I want to be at the bottom).

Further, sometimes, when I am searching in auto-playlists, the search term seems to be stuck. So when I search for an artist, then delete the search term, switch to another playlist, and then switch back to the auto-playlist, the search term is still active. This problem can be fixed by re-starting MusicBee.

I hope that the description of the issues is clear. Otherwise, I will be happy to clarify.

Questions / Error Syncing Playlists to Virtual Device
« on: April 14, 2019, 11:22:21 AM »
Recently, I have stumbled upon an error when syncing "static playlists" to a virtual device. In particular, the playlists are no longer synced with the titles in manual order, but alphabetically. In MusicBee, the playlists are still displayed in manual order and if I export them manually, they are also exported in the correct order.

In recent days, I changed the following things:
- I added some highlighting rules to MusicBee.
- I added some new playlist mixers.

Is there any chance that these two changes may have caused the described issue?

Questions / Customize Duplicate Handling in Auto Playlists
« on: March 29, 2019, 09:48:14 PM »
I really appreciate MusicBee as a great way to manage my music collection.

Currently, I am trying to configure my auto playlists and I was wondering whether there is a possibility to change the way that duplicates are handled when ticking the "filter out duplicates..." box in the auto playlist settings. What I am trying to do is keeping the versions of the tracks that were added earlier (e.g. because they were released as singles) and filter out the newer versions (e.g. that are now part of a full album).

Obviously, the default settings in MusicBee either seem to favor newer tracks or the tracks that are included in a full album. However, this is not what I need for my "Discover" auto-playlist in that I want to avoid having tracks that I already know because they were released as singles. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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