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Questions / Any way to group Album Artists???
« on: March 27, 2019, 09:57:17 PM »
OK so the issue I currently have as a total newb is that I have all of these variations of a given Artist.
I've got Aphex Twin, his 30 aliases......I've got Bela Fleck, Bela and Abigail, Bela and The Flecktones..... and so on!
What I really prefer is to have all of this stuff grouped under one banner for each.

New to all of this, I first set up Plex to run my NAS.  For various reasons I'm trying to get away from it but there is one feature I do like that is a practical solution to what I ask above.  Plex allows me to put Album Artists into a "collection".  So now I have a collection for Aphex Twin and all of his aliases, I have a collection for Bela Fleck.  Since I want this list to include all of my music, I even have "collections" for artists that have never used a different name at all.  Bon Jovi collection is just Bon Jovi.

So far I've figured one way to achieve what I want in MB but it's not quite as ideal as that Plex feature.  What I did was take some albums and update the "sort artist" to what would be a "collection" in my plex setup.  So now I can have a list to the left that have all of my sort artists and clicking into that gives me all the iterations and aliases - everything grouped up like I prefer.  What makes this a lessor method than Plex however is that this one is linked to the albums themselves, and not the album artist like in Plex.  The effect of this is that with Plex once I set up a given Artist or iteration - I'll never need to link to the "collection" i designated again.  All incoming music with that Album Artist name will appear automatically in the bucket I desire.  With MB the way I am currently attempting, I'll forever need to check and likely update the Sort Artist to achieve this same result.  Much more work over the course of time and volume of music I collect :)

I think the main thing I'm asking here other than general solutions to what I present there any way I can tag or designate an album artist in such a way as I can with Plex?  

Thanks for your time!

Questions / Streaming from a NAS - super confused
« on: March 14, 2019, 04:03:03 PM »
Hi all -
You'll quickly see that I know little of what I'm talking about but I promise I'm trying to understand, every day!  Kind of ready to rip my hair out with confusion though :)

So I recently set up a synology NAS - put plex on that and my android phone and I also got a chromecast audio that I can stream easily to.
Thing is I never sit at my PC, so the interface (controller) I'll be using in the living room is my phone or rather, a future tablet purchase.  The problem I'm having is that plex just doesn't have the look and feel i'm going for. 

The dream would be to have MB on a tablet and be able to stream directly from NAS to chromecast - but I see this isn't so easy (if not impossible because I don't understand how the various software interact).  I'm well confused about renderer, controller, library etc.  I know there is the UPnP trick to be able to stream to my chromecast - but would that be a direct NAS to chromecast stream??  Or would it be first going through my tablet and then to the chromecast?  And would I actually be using MB on the tablet or would I have to use the UPnP interface?  Managing my music is one thing - but the issue I'm coming with today is the ability to use it as my player.

I see there is a subsonic plugin, and subsonic supports chromecast.....but I'm still getting the impression that on the tablet I would have to use Dsub or some kind of subsonic related app rather than musicbee itself?

Putting chromecast aside, is there any solution out there that would match my desire here?  To be able to pick up a tablet and use musicbee as my player that will stream content direct from NAS to my receiver?

Thanks much for reading my woahs here.
Very sensitive topic as music means so so much to me.  Just want to get this right and start looking forward to pure enjoyment :)

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